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What is false round?

you Remember the baron Myunkhgauzen? Its well-known travel - a typical example of well organized false round. In Myunkhgauzen`s stories, for example, about flight on the Moon all trifles were considered: from transport to technology of return to Earth and characteristics of lunar landscapes.

So it false rounds?

Originally the idea of false round was that the travel agency has to sell to the client dream. Not a tourist`s package (air flight, transfer, hotel etc.) and a state, emotional lift, feelings which remained in memory from the real or invented travel.

However this aim is pursued by only 10% of false tourists. Most often the buyer of such round wants to make impression on people around. Others use false rounds as an alibi. There is also the third option of use of false round. For the person, at which and so everything is it will be an unforgettable gift.

Let`s say you came to the relevant agency to order false round. And what?

For a start choose dream - the place where you will go. Further just tell about yourself, helping the manager of round to make for you the personal program. Then coordinate a necessary set of material evidences and their quality: photos, souvenirs, etc. Yes, you will need to take with yourself the photos. They will also be used in a photomontage.

Having done all above-mentioned, you leave, having taken with yourself the bright catalog about the country - to dream . In the appointed day you come back to agency and you learn about travel which was made during this time. By the way, during this time you can participate in creation of a legend too - for example, to resemble in a sunbed, to study traditions of the chosen country.

And here you, at last, came for the dream. The specialist of false agency in paints will describe your own impressions and memories of unforgettable tour. You will be told all: as you received the visa, passed customs, talked to the hotel administrator in broken unintelligible language what color sand on the beach and as natives are charming... Of course, there will be also a negative - as without it? You with a shiver in a voice will tell the friends that you were bitten by a piranha. And not without pride you will get the confirming photo from a pack. And of course, you did not forget to bring gifts for the family! About each souvenir you will be able to remember something: where bought what discount was managed to get.

Specialists in false rounds say that it is possible to make pseudo-voyage in any point of the earth. Even Antarctica will not become a special problem: the main thing to find the person who there really was also everything at it properly to inquire. By the way, Brazil - the most popular country at false tourists.

As false rounds are created? At first managers of agency collect all possible information on the country of residence. Everything, up to trifles from history and culture of the country. To collect similar information very difficult. Each direction is developed separately. As a result a peculiar " database has to turn out; feelings over each country. The responses of real tourists posted on the specialized websites can appear help in this case (the www type. otzyv. ru, www. otdohnuli. ru, www. turkey. ru and so forth) tourist forums and clubs - in particular, in Moscow functions Brazilian club .

For confirmation any, even the most unpretentious trip photos, of course, are necessary. Other base - electronic archive of photos of a selva of Amazon, the Argentina Pampas, Martian landscapes and other is for this purpose necessary. Which - that is given by the clients who came back from real rounds, something is provided by colleagues from other travel agencies, and others are downloaded from the Internet.

As for souvenirs, as a rule, they are the presents. The most part of popular gifts can be bought directly in Russia today. And what cannot be bought in the homeland is ordered in to the country of origin - including through acquaintances and tourists. By the way, in case of imaginary flight on the Moon souvenirs will be the presents too: the sample of lunar soil (the piece of the most real meteorite from the Moon costs 50 - 100 dollars), glove from a usual space suit of the astronaut or thermooveralls, etc.

However a standard set of material confirmations (photos, souvenirs) is good only for friends or colleagues. In case of the organization of an alibi before the second half additional proofs are necessary. Air tickets, luggage labels on suitcases, checks from hotel, - everything that accompanies a usual trip. But for true professionals of the business it is not a problem. If it is necessary, you will be supplied with the real lots of the pieces of paper confirming reality of your travel.

Usually preparation of false round occupies one - two weeks, depending on complexity of the order. And, the false round is more long, the longer it will be prepared.

The base price of standard false round - $600, are included in it collection of information and preparation of the story about travel ($200), ten digital photos of a format 1600X1200 ($200), a standard set of souvenirs ($200). In case of the organization of an alibi the price of false round increases by the cost of the real trip. And of course, there will be additional costs of unique souvenirs and gifts.

Sociologists say that false rounds carry out the same role " today; raise dust in eyes as stripes with names of the western firms on domestic clothes 15 years ago, and after a while the fashion on them will come to naught by itself. And you as think?