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What braid suits you more?

Evening and daily hairdresses on the basis of braids still hold the top place of a fashionable rating. We dream without borders!

It appears, at braids there are a lot of advantages before other hairdresses. In - the first, they go resolutely everything, in - the second, are very actual in this season, in - the third, add to an image of feminity, well and at last they can be combined with clothes of any styles. And time all is so remarkable, it is necessary to learn to braid them.

I think you and you want to change not much yourself. Looking in a mirror and thinking That in itself to change? you can hardly present that change of a hairdress and when next time you appear at a mirror, the only thing can be enough that you will be able to tell yourself it I am beautiful .

Gather more air, exhale it and begin to choose a hairdress for yourself.

Playful locks

For creation of such hairdress divide hair into a parting at the side and make a tail on a nape. Divide a tail into 5 - 6 plaits, braid them to the spit, then slightly fluff up hands and in a chaotic order chop off hairpins. Forward locks leave free. by

the Romantic cone

Make sideways a tail, having decorated it with a decorative elastic band or a hairpin with pastes. Braid not a hard braid - a cone (from two locks). Hands slightly fluff up a braid, having given it volume, from below fix by a transparent elastic band.

In the Greek style by

Make a horizontal hair parting (from an ear to an ear). Braid the first braid ahead in the manner of a bang in the direction from left to right. Braid hair on occipital part to the spit similarly. In that place where tails of braids will meet, tie them an elastic band. Weave a braid out of the remained length of hair and fasten it not hardly with hairpins. Put on a forehead a rim with pastes.

Chaotic assembly

On the one hand in the direction of another in a chaotic order braid 3 - 5 French braids. Give them volume, having extended hands several locks and having combed them a hairbrush. Clean braids in a tail sideways and properly sprinkle it a varnish of strong fixing. Having created a ball from hair, chop off it hairpins.

Mutual responsibility

Collect hair by hands, having left thin locks on a forehead, temples and a neck. Braid from a bang a usual braid towards a nape. Make behind a tail and weave out of it one more braid. Then beautifully lay both braids around the head and record hairpins.

Of course, it is not braids for every day. It is worth selecting each of them for special days. The Romantic cone will be suitable for appointment. If you gathered for hearing on work, I will offer you Mutual responsibility which will raise you in the opinion of the chief.

I think you should not remind that style change - a useful thingummy. Each time style change will only raise your self-assessment, your beauty, and also to add some more admirers to the " list; Not to meet them though there can be also those who will really see you on the other hand and at last will invite you to appointment.

So you should not throw hopes, try to change yourself and your world can change by all 180 degrees.

Good luck and progress in change.