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How to motivate itself on studying of English?

Here new year also began. New year is always new plans and new hopes even if these plans and hopes already visited us earlier. As, for example, plans and hopes to learn English.

What brought you what did not allow to reach the dream? Lack of persistence? Lack of time or other resources? Or lack of motivation? It is known that if well very much - very much - very strongly there is a wish for something, then neither lack of time, nor a lack of finance, nor a frost and a heat - can stop nothing you. To Begin new life in new year - it is a good way to stimulate the desire to study and self-improve. But one it happens insufficiently. However, days of New Year`s holidays sometimes present us such situations which are capable to strengthen our aspirations to reach the desirable.

Here what New Year`s history happened in just left year.

The young man (we will call him Max), as well as all other people, in recent weeks finished December affairs of year, ran on shops in search of gifts and dreamed of what new and good would have to happen to it in the year coming.

All this vanity order tires therefore to run in cafe on a coffee cup, also to be warmed in the cozy town when on the street such frost - it fine inspires. And here, somehow in the evening Max ran in cafe to take rest and restore a little forces. Here it was lovely and cozy, smelled coffee and pastries delicious, there were very few visitors - several couples and several people who were in itself here. The young beautiful girl with a magnificent hairdress from wavy hair, in a red beret and a red scarf sat at a little table in the center of the hall.

The girl drew Max`s attention at once, and he right there felt already a little the holidaymaker. Pleasant meetings can restore forces, isn`t it?! Max decided to take an interest at the girl. whether she will agree to divide with it several pleasant minutes. However, the girl was so lovely that Max would not refuse and to meet with her New Year, and to spend all New Year`s holidays, and maybe

- Good evening! It is possible to sit down to you?

- Hello! - he heard in reply. - Sorry? - she said, inducing the young man to repeat the remark. And to repeat - it is obvious not in Russian.

The young man was puzzled. Before it the remarkable foreigner sat! And he, as ill luck would have it, could not remember any phrase in English! What to do? He very much wanted to talk to it, to get acquainted! He even forgot that he came here to drink a cup of coffee and to restore forces, but not to look for new acquaintances.

In Max`s head rough activity in attempts to resolve the problem which rose before him began. The first decision which comes in such cases, - to use a sign language. The young man began to gesticulate in attempts to inform of the thoughts the foreigner. She very lovely smiled, trying to understand that this Russian nice young man wants from it.

Max understood that gestures of much not to achieve. Also decided to connect to a solution of the problem of the people sitting in cafe. The logic was simple - in the bulk at our schools when study foreign, it is English. Means, chances that it will be helped here, are quite high. Especially as questions which Max wanted to set first were quite simple and any beginner should know them in foreign.

- You know English? Tell how to ask it, how old is she, what is her name?

- As call - it is Wat from shi neym

- Well, not so. It is necessary to speak Wat from yo neym he wants to ask it it a name.

- And age? How it will be? You know? Is not present? And you? You do not remember? And you will not prompt how to learn about age?

- Wat from yo eydzh tell.

- Well. There somehow not so.

- Hau old and yu? . It How old are you? .

Max asked.

- Im thirty years old.

How many?! - Max was surprised, vaguely remembering that thirty - it, seems 30?! But the girl looked rather on 23! He found the handle and wrote on a napkin 10+10+10.

- There is so much? Thirty? To you 30?!

- Yes, - she answered, smiling in reply.

- All right, it takes you for a ride. - reached from an angular little table. - It on does not look 30.

Max tried to communicate still in spite of the fact that it was necessary to him to put on ears all who were in cafe. The girl with interest watched the events around. She sat and was perplexed - as a lot of vanity was around.

As a result, both Max, and some more people in cafe felt in themselves simply - irresistible desire to learn English in the coming year what declared aloud. It is quite opposite to feel so helpless and dependent what was felt like in that situation by Max. And Max had simply now - mad motivation to studying of English!

English can be studied to promote. It can be learned to travel all over the world. And it is possible - to communicate with other people and to strike up new acquaintances. For what you studied the English, main skill which is required to you - it is ability to communicate in English. Of course, any adult, has to understand ability as communication both to speak and hear (to communicate orally), and to write and read (to communicate in writing). At the same time skill of oral communication is mainly demanded. Oral communication is priority as well for other reason: when you need to tell someone something, you have no large number of time for thoughts, - it is necessary to react quickly. For this reason it is more preferable to have skill of oral speech, than skill of reading or the letter. However, about oral and written English is already another story altogether.

If your plans next year include point - to learn English and to be able to communicate on it with different people and so that this communication happened at you automatically as it happens to the native language, then you come to our free fact-finding lesson of a course of English. We are sure that if you are trained at us, the level of your motivation will always remain at the high level. We wish you that all your purposes which you set before yourself this year were carried out!