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Who such squatters?

From news:

On Thursday, March 1, the police of Copenhagen moved the squatters who were illegally occupying the building that led to three-day revolt during which more than 20 people got wounds and about 600 were arrested. On Sunday, March 4, collisions stopped, and activists passed to peaceful protest actions.

it is casual in transfer of news saw this reporting. As the person inquisitive, began to look for information on squatters and history of their emergence. In general, information managed to find not so much. Mostly it were messages on the mentioned disorders in Denmark, but which - that nevertheless found.

So, we will begin with definition who such squatters? If to try to describe briefly, then squatters are people, mostly, young people who occupy non-residential premises in which create similarity of communes. The basic rule of a skvotterstvo is life without payment of the apartment.

In one of articles I read that the movement of squatters in England got distribution in connection with a housing crisis. It is known that squatting in England has long tradition. Besides it is necessary to notice that England - the only country in which punishment for squatting is not prescribed.

There is a stereotype that squatters, generally represent concourse of ragamuffins, addicts etc. It`s not true. Skvottera are divided into several categories. The students forced to look for alternative housing, the unemployed, low-paid workers and emigrants. But is and ideological those who chose such lifestyle or who is too lazy to earn on the apartment.

The most known skvottersky cooperative included the whole cluster of streets around London Fields in the east of London. In it there lived freelancers, students, the unemployed and even office workers that went every day to service from nine to five.

Many squatters tried to obtain receiving the state apartment if they at the time of eviction from a squat stood in a queue on housing. Some even managed to reserve the room, and they passed into the category of absolutely legal residents. By the way, if you lived in a squat of 12 years, it automatically becomes your own house - such is the law.

It is necessary to notice that squatting is not only a state of mind, but also the organization which exists more than 30 years and gives support to squatters. Namely: provides free lawyers, helps with the device of newly arrived, issues the magazine, and also has the website in the Network.

There can be an opinion that squatting exists only in England. Yes, England the optimum country in this regard, but it is known that skvottersky communes are also in Germany and America, and also in other countries. Not an exception and Denmark about which there was a speech in news.

So if you on spirit the squatter or just life compels