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How to build a snowman?

the Relation to snowmen not always were unambiguous. The first snowmen were represented by angry monsters of the impressive sizes. Only over time the snowman became a kind symbol of winter holidays. On an ancient European parable Saint Francis of Assisi considered creation of snowmen as a peculiar method of fight against demons. On other Christian legend, snowmen are angels as snow - gift of the sky.

In Russia snowmen were built since ancient pagan times. They were esteemed as spirits of winter and asked from them reduction of duration of frosts.

It is interesting that in representation of the European people the snowman is always a male being. Snowmen and Snow Maidens - exclusively Russian property. Earlier in Russia believed that such winter natural phenomena as snow, blizzards and fog rule female heavenly spirits. Therefore in their honor arranged various solemn rituals, showing them thus the respect.

Process of a molding of a snowman, actually, not so - that is simple as it can seem at first sight. To make a molding successful observance of some conditions, such as is required: a special consistence snow (it surely has to be sticky), presence of mittens or gloves at all participants of process, and, the most important, is a good mood.

The classical snowman consists of three round snow kom of the different sizes. To roll such lump, at first form a small dense sphere in hands, gradually adding a portion of snow, and condense until the lump of rather big size turns out. Further - the sphere begins to be rolled on snow to the necessary size. The biggest lump - the basis of a snowman, and the smallest - the head. Place spheres the friend on the friend from bigger to smaller and well condense that they did not fall down the friend from the friend. In variations it is possible to make bigger or smaller quantity of spheres of the different sizes - from two to four, but it will already be some deviation from traditional idea of a snowman.

After the snowman is built, give vent to your imagination and start decoration of the children using at the same time the most various make-shifts, the found houses or on the street.

As hands branches or sticks will approach: put on them old unnecessary mittens, and hand to a snowman the broom (a shovel, a broom, a mop, a bush). Instead of branches it is possible to stick also small snow lumps. Make a nose of carrot or the cone, potato. For eyes use small buttons, coins, pebbles, pieces of coal. The old bucket, a pot, a cap, a scarf can become a headdress (if it is a snowman). Or build a head of hear from a dry grass and leaves, use a yarn, tapes. Tie a neck a scarf, add any other elements of clothes, using old unnecessary things and pieces of fabrics. Generally, present yourself the fashion designer and create the unique picturesque image.

And the main thing, involve as much as possible children in this cheerful process, without having forgotten to imprint everything on a camera. I guarantee that squall of positive emotions and good mood will be provided to you for a long time!