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Why the arterial hypertension is called silent killer ?

the Arterial hypertension as an illness, is known to doctors long ago, in China it was able to be distinguished for 2500 B.C.

A hypertension call permanent increase of arterial pressure. Arterial pressure is the pressure of blood in your arteries. Figures of arterial pressure, show, so strongly blood presses, on a wall of arteries. Pressure has the top and lower borders (systolic and diastolic) and is measured in millimeters of mercury column. Pressure 120/80 is considered normal. If pressure higher than 140/90, then this elevated pressure or hypertension.

Today the hypertension is the most widespread illness warmly - vascular system of the person which strikes people at active age, leads to decrease in a standard of living, promotes developing of a myocardial infarction, stroke, damage of kidneys, eyes.

The initial stage of a hypertension proceeds asymptomatically and therefore remains unnoticed. The illness most often becomes clear incidentally, at visit to the doctor or during medical examination. The illness can not be shown for years and then suddenly lead to vascular accidents: to a stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, heart and renal failure.

There are indirect signs which can warn the person about risk of development of a hypertension in case they regularly repeat it: headache, dizziness, emergence front sights before eyes, nausea, vomiting, heartbeat, pains in heart, short wind.

The main signs causing a hypertension:

- excess weight (at reduction of body weight by 1 kg at patients the systolic arterial pressure upon 1 - 3 mm Hg, diastolic decreases by 1 - 2 mm. rt. St)

- salty and greasy food (hypertensive persons, as a rule, use 3 times more salt, than people with normal pressure)

- smoking (when smoking vessels are narrowed - it leads to increase in pressure, even from one cigarette on 10 - 30 mm. rt. St)

- heredity (it is important to know that not the hypertension but only predisposition to it)

- an inactive way of life is genetically inherited (the risk of development of a hypertension is 20 - 50% higher in comparison with those who lead active lifestyle)

- a stress, exhaustion, intellectual tension (there are changes of processes in a brain)

Powerful risk factors of development of a hypertension - existence of diabetes, age.

The hypertension is dangerous and artful to reduce risk of development of a hypertension, it is necessary:

- to establish a normal daily routine

- to follow healthy nutrition which helps to control body weight (apply fasting, fast, fish days) of

- daily physical activity is obligatory to sleep not less than 8 hours on natural internal clocks


- to be trained in skills of overcoming of a stress

- to regularly pass medical examination.

Once having appeared, the arterial hypertension does not disappear any more. Treatment of a hypertension - process long also demands patience and accuracy. Not always the health, subjective feelings reflect a true condition of the patient. Follows patients with an arterial hypertension:

1. Attentively to implement all recommendations of the doctor, especially recommendations about change of a way of life, physical activity, to food. To learn to control the behavior, it is correct to react to surrounding.

2. In due time to visit the doctor for survey and control of level of arterial pressure.

3. To take medicine as the doctor defined, strictly observing the time mode. It is impossible to stop independently their reception at all after HELL decreased to normal values.

4. Regular control of arterial pressure and careful implementation of recommendations of the doctor will allow to prevent life-threatening states.

To avoid a hypertension it is regularly necessary to take measurement of arterial pressure - even in the absence of complaints and in good health.