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JOE UAYDER, the Trainer of Champions

the Statistics inevitably demonstrates that more than a half of beginners give up bodybuilding through a two-three of months of trainings. It would seem, strange, it is about the adults giving the report in own acts. They came to the hall on belief, knowing that occupations by weights will bring them youth, beauty and health. In what business? And that, without playing sports, they got a resistant habit to vegetable passive existence. It is also difficult to get rid of it, as well as of any other addiction, for example, of smoking. How many people undertake to leave off smoking, and units manage it only. And with bodybuilding: beginners need infernal will at all not to begin to move forward, and only to tear with the past. How to support beginners? For this purpose let`s address experience of doctors, the helping subjects who want to leave off smoking. Main thing here - the strict schedule of the steps (in the first day to smoke so much, then is one cigarette less etc.) . Here and to beginners in bodybuilding it is worth recommending the same: make lesson schedule for many months ahead and you will hang out it in a visible place. A tick note each training which is carried out by you. And do not look in a mirror at all! Mirror - your first enemy! The person is so arranged that the most good rushes die away in his soul when he does not see immediate result. If you critically inspect yourself in a mirror, keeping saying at the same time something I still am not similar to Schwarzenegger! you easily ruin the enthusiasm. Remember, at the beginning the success is directly proportional to the number of trainings. Each your new tick - it is one more step in the direction of a goal! I will repeat, measure the success not by a centimetric tape, but number of ticks in your personal schedule of trainings.

And still. Doctors noticed that it is far easier to leave off smoking if you do it in the company. In - the first, together it is always simpler to do difficult serious work, and in - the second, it is simply a shame to seem in the opinion of others a slabachok. The same rules work also for bodybuilding. Good company - here that is sharply necessary for the beginner! Undertake bodybuilding together with friends, help each other, push, and through a year and a half bodybuilding will become a resistant habit of your life. And it will also mean that you became the real body builder, i.e. the person who made physical culture part of the destiny.