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How to save with pleasure? (Part 2. Inevitable) we Will begin

with a so-called inevitable evil, i.e. with monthly or utility costs. What it is possible to save here on? So, gas, light, water, heating - we put counters.

Electricity. Buy and put energy saving bulbs. Yes, they are dearer, but consume less and serve longer so all the same will pay off and will save electricity. We pass to equipment. If you work at the computer and you do not use stereo speakers, then switch off them. LCD - monitors consume half less energy, than electron beam. If you leave included in the computer and you leave, then switch off the monitor and stereo speakers. Whenever possible do not leave equipment in a waiting mode, do not leave chargers to dangle in sockets. Upon purchase of household appliances give preference of energy saving. When washing load the machine completely and choose high temperature only for very polluted things, not really dirty will wash off also at 40 degrees, besides it is not obligatory to use preliminary washing or the mode of drying.

The most power-intensive kitchen devices are the electric stove, an oven, the washing machine, the refrigerator, the freezer, the microwave oven, a water heater and an electric kettle. The decision - to use alternative means, for example, the gas stove or an oven. To boil water not in an electric kettle, and on a plate, it is possible and to warm food in the same place, without resorting to the help of the microwave oven. As for the refrigerator, and there are several tricks: clear an external ventilating grate and the heat exchanger of dust and dirt, you hold the refrigerator far away from heat sources, check whether it is dense at the refrigerator and a deep freeze doors are closed, set not most freezing mode, do not put hot food or drinks in the refrigerator. At a linen ironing switch off the iron and a doglazhivayta the remains in advance until it cooled down. When using the conditioner to switch off when the acceptable temperature is reached (19 - 20 degrees in the summer only an additional reason for catarrhal diseases).

From useful tips - use the hair dryer and the curling iron less often. From ridiculous - you do not watch TV.

Water. For a start needs to be convinced that all bathroom equipment works like clock-work and nothing proceeds anywhere. The dripping crane spends 8000 liters of water a year, and the leaking tank of a toilet bowl of 260 liters a day.

Economically we spend water: we close the crane when toothbrushing, shaving, choosing between a shower and a bathroom, give preference to a shower. But even in this case not pleskaytes in it too long. If your choice nevertheless fell on bathing in a bathtub, then fill it half. So you will save about 20 liters of water for one bathing.

Erase in the machine at a full load. Too load the dishwashing machine completely. At a manual sink of ware, fill one of sinks (or other capacity) with water with detergent. Rinse, ware in other sink under a small pressure of warm water.

the System two-level system of discharge of a toilet bowl allows to cut a water consumption significantly. If your not so technological toilet bowl, then it is possible to put in a drain tank one - or a two-liter plastic bottle with water, thus at each discharge this quantity will be saved. It is possible to look at one more interesting idea here.

Gas. If you have a gas stove though the same councils perfectly work also with other plates, close saucepans covers, so you not only thermal energy, but also time will preserve. Choose ware of the correct sizes. If you need to boil waters only on two cups of tea, there is no sense to fill in a teapot completely. You watch serviceability gas the equipment, no leaks and other should be, it is simply dangerous.

Heating. Unfortunately, autonomous heating or at least regulated by much of us yet not familiar and if he is familiar, then only by hearsay. Most often we pay the sum which is accurately determined by the state, but whether we here will receive enough heat, it is already the second question. And it most often also involves excess expenditure. If behind a window a frost, and batteries are hardly warmer than the body temperature of the healthy person, then various heaters usually are used. But to receive one business warmly, and another - to keep it. Often cold walls and windows full of holes become weak spots in the house. So it will be reasonable to warm the house and to close up all cracks and holes which pass such valuable in the cold winter evenings warmly. After that you, perhaps, also do not need to include additional equipment.