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The alphabet of modern weight loss

many people face a problem of excess weight. It is the reason of our many troubles: medical, psychological, esthetic. And sooner or later we begin to fight against the bothered extra kilos and centimeters.

Till today the majority of ways of weight reduction was based on various combinations of a diet and gymnastics. Many people between a diet and starvation put an equal-sign. We go on a diet, often refusing to ourselves the most necessary products. And only recently questions of physiology, biochemistry and psychology were studied so deeply that allowed to create at introduction of new components to a complex of the actions directed to weight loss almost ideal strategy of fight by slishny weight. One of such modern programs for weight reduction is the integrated modeling of a body based on high technologies and unique techniques of jeweler work with a human body.

All process of weight loss are from beginning to end controlled by skilled experts. The program of weight reduction and correction of a figure is chosen individually for each patient taking into account his physical, physiological and psychological data.

What represents integrated modeling of a body? Diet but not identical to starvation but equivalent to the correct meal. Recently in the West psychotherapeutic correction of appetite and a diet gained development and a wide circulation. To balance preferences of the person in food and to normalize the volume of the products consumed by it, use soft hypnosis. In this technique psychoregulation - a basis of formation of priorities in a meal. The most important that the style of food corrected in the similar way helps to restore a metabolism and to accelerate weight reduction process.

If the correct diet limits number of the consumed calories, then physical exercises provide their expenditure. Unlike usual charging or fitness the modeling gymnastics allows not only to make the contribution to fight against excess weight and centimeters, but also to give to your body those forms of which you dream. The program includes the manual methods of correction of a figure increasing useful return of ongoing efforts in five - six times.

Very important component of integrated modeling of a body are measures for stimulation of a metabolism, removal of toxins and slags from an organism, and also normalization of pressure.

the Equipment used in this technique - the unique improving complex including:

- the anotron - installation for a conclusion of harmful substances from an organism, strengthening and rejuvenation of fabrics. This device influences a mineral exchange at the cellular level. Thanks to its influence skin color improves, wrinkles are smoothed, pH - balance of skin and fabrics is stabilized;

- barotsiklon - a chamber for training and a rassklerozirovaniye of vessels. The most important result of passing of an improving course on this device is deep clarification of vessels and normalization of pressure. The device uses the principle of pneumomassage that well influences each capillary in a human body;

- the massage complex allowing to carry out different types of the effective massage accelerating weight loss process. By means of special devices carry out the deep massage of fabrics promoting splitting of old fatty deposits. Turbine massage is applied in the problem zones arising at women and men after achievement of puberty. The program of integrated modeling of a body includes also manual massage. Dot and segmentary by methods influence certain parts of the body for the purpose of normalization of digestion and a metabolism. Manual plasticity will help to grind your figure and to give it the ideal form.

However the most important component of the modern comprehensive program on weight reduction is experience of doctors. Only the expert well familiar with a technique of integrated modeling of a body will be able to define what course to you to appoint to achieve desirable effect.

So, lovely women, grow thin intelligently, and with superfluous weight you will see result of intelligent fight.