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How to build the wooden house?

If you read this article, means

are going to build the wooden house,

or your real or future profession is connected with architecture or construction. Moreover, you are persons keeping up to date as are not satisfied with design opportunities manually or just drawing on electronic drawing table and look for the tool which would allow to develop projects quickly and qualitatively, did not hold down flight of your imagination and gave the chance to perform routine work for the minimum quantity of time.

In the area architecturally - construction design such tool are programs: ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max, K3 - a cottage. It is no secret that the majority of projects are still carried out in universal SAPR by means of which it is possible to develop any objects: from microprocessors to buildings. So same it is fine, - you will tell, - bought one product - and provided itself for all occasions! . However not everything is so simple. Universal SAPR give to the designer freedom at the expense of a primitivization of elements by means of which drawings are created. The designer during the work on the project draws pieces, circles and arches, that is performs the same work as behind a drawing table. And here what is meant on the received drawing by a set, for example, of small squares - the pile field of the base or contact platforms of chips, only the one who is familiar with symbols will understand, that is is able to read drawings.

So what? - again you ask. - our firm designs buildings, all of us understand construction plans and we will work with them . Well, but whether the universal system of design will be able to count, for example, the number of base blocks, obby wall material or beams in our project? Of course not, in it there are no such concepts. Whether it will be able to replace rectangular windows with arch? Yes she does not even know that such window. For it it is the closed rectangle.

The ArchiCAD system, in difference from universal SAPR allows to create not only drawings, but also full estimates, volumes of construction materials, to make changes to separate sites of the ready project which will instantly be reflected in all drawings, estimates, schedules, volumes.

When using a software package of ArchiCAD, time of creation of the full project, for example, of a wooden cottage, is reduced to 1 - 2 weeks. And modern technologies of construction of wooden houses, it is reduced to 1 - 2 months.

On the basis of the project developed in ArchiCAD in the specialized program the razbrusovochny project according to which our partners, producers of a glued bar, the rounded pack, the pro-thinned-out bar produce a set of details (wall material, beams, roof elements) is created which on a building site do not demand additional completion, saving at the same time precious time. Each log is numbered according to situation in a wall. Thus assemblers need to collect the house as the LEGO meccano, and the customer does not pay for excess material as volume pays off very precisely, an error of 0,1 - 0,3%