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Solar eclipse on January 4, 2011 - a good occasion to begin new life!

In a solar eclipse are very good to sum up the results of year, to understand the feelings where you could be not right who was offended what you are afraid of what you worry about.

Any fear in you can attract adverse situations. For example, the fear of loneliness attracts loneliness, fear to lose stability in the relations or material security - loss of these relations or money. The thought is material, and similar attracts similar.

You can forever release these experiences and fears, with gratitude having realized their lessons. Write down your feelings on paper and reflect for what they are given you what teach to. Try to treat them as to teachers, thank for a lesson and accept them. If you is sincere in the feelings - there will be a miracle - your problems will be resolved in the best way. It will be your award for work of soul. So, you summed up the results, realized problems, and now ritual.

Take a contrast shower: if there is a lunar eclipse, then hot - cold - a hot shower; if solar - that cold - hot - cold. In 10 minutes prior to a solar eclipse it is necessary to lay down the head on the East (studying a lunar eclipse - on the North), to relax, close eyes and to imagine as fears, complexes and other negative programs of which you want to get rid leave you. Present them before yourself in the form of fancies, symbols (The period of a solar eclipse gives the chance to realize and be exempted from internal fears, negative traits of character (uncertainty, laziness, irritability, etc.) which slow down the movement of life and interfere with spiritual development.

It is also the best period for planning of actions for a year.

The moment of a solar eclipse - unique. During this period you can not only get rid of negative feelings, but also create the program of execution of the desires for the whole year.

This eclipse will be very fatal for the women who were especially born under the sign of the Capricorn.

It is successful period to change the appearance, to think up new image. Also important changes will happen in life of all Capricorns, especially at been born from January 1 to January 7.

The eclipse will bring changes in life of elderly people and pensioners.

In the state scale the eclipse will be especially important for China, and also for the countries located in a hilly terrain. The changes in the legislation connected with the land plots, medical care, charge of pensions, emergence of the new public and political organizations are possible.

Also it is necessary to expect appearance of new spiritual leaders, preachers and even prophets. One of them can become in the future the savior of the world and all mankind. But also manifestations of despotism, an abuse of power and cruel suppression of opposition are possible. The quadrature of the Sun and Moon with Saturn promotes emergence of the unexpected situations demanding fight. There is a danger of plane crashes and earthquakes.

This solar eclipse speaks about the end of a certain period, completion of former affairs and contacts. You set before yourself the new aim towards which you go, using the fine tactical abilities, using the dexterity, at worst - insidiousness, at the same time it is very difficult to catch you by a hand because you act very thinly and delicately. Having conceded externally, you agree to differ.

It should be noted that for achievement of the purpose cooperation of the man with the woman will be very fruitful. Vigorous and resolute actions will be very effective, but it is not necessary to take sharp actions without their careful premeditation. Your actions can be unexpected for people around, but carefully prepared. It is also necessary to observe strictly etiquette, to be tactful and to consider various points of view.

This solar eclipse gives an impetus to spiritual growth and emergence of new creative ideas. Connection of the Sun and Mars gives big creative strength. There is an opportunity to get new good friends and clients, and also to make new jump in career, to gain recognition.