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How to give joy to the beloved?

to please the spouse or the beloved, are not obligatory to buy expensive jewelry or her messages in the best restaurant, the main thing is an attention and feelings. In this article we want to make to you several recommendations which execution will not strongly strike your purse, but at the same time will allow to create the romantic atmosphere and to strengthen the relations.

Present a bouquet of wild flowers. Wild or wild flowers - it is incredibly romantic. You do not look that they quite ordinary-looking in comparison with decorative, women just adore wild flowers. The main thing - to give them and without binding to any date or an event. Do it just like that.

Organize to darling several rest-hours alone.

Sounds quite strange - isn`t that so? But allow to explain. You have a wife, there are children, there is a work and it is necessary constantly to turn like a squirrel in a cage. The constant solution of some household problems, care of children, attempt to earn is more and so on and so forth.

I think in each family this state of affairs is known. Agree - even at the weekend happens it is not possible to have a rest properly. So organize the real rest for the spouse, and she will estimate it. That is put the house in order, be tidied up, prepare tasty food and, having taken with themselves children, go at several o`clock where - nibud take a walk. Let your darling will devote this time only to herself. Such practice is always useful and very necessary.

Repeat your first appointment. the First appointment in most cases takes place very modestly from the financial point of view and at each couple in own way. But imagine as far as it will be romantic and interesting to repeat in 5, 10, 15 years everything in accuracy as it was for the first time .

A joint campaign on a performance, then examining of show-windows of shops and in end a lunch in McDonald`s - it is banal, but as heart tremblingly clenches if to close eyes and in all details to remember your first appointment, feelings which you had at that moment What work? What problems? What quarrels?

The world is beautiful and you love it, enjoy each breath, every minute of life. For the sake of such moments it is worth living! Do not forget about them, repeat them and it will strengthen your family and feelings.

A breakfast in a bed. Get up a bit earlier, roast couple of eggs, couple of toasts, make coffee or pour a glass of juice and bring all this to the waking-up darling. It is also possible to decorate a tray with a breakfast a beautiful flower in a vase.

Leave the love message. It is possible to you as to the man, it can seem absolutely simple and uninteresting option, but women love it. Write the beautiful love letter and leave in some place where your spouse will surely find it, but not at once, every other day or two, and it is desirable that you during reading of the message were not near.

Picnic by candlelight. the Fine way to organize an unusual romantic dinner is to choose warm windless evening, to collect everything for picnic, having taken with itself several candles, and in park or if you have a private house, in the yard, to arrange a dinner in the fresh air.

The best time for it here romantic picnic is when already begins to darken. You only imagine - the haze falls by the city, you light candles and are included in the fairy tale, the main characters which - you and your darling. Romantically, unusually and it is inexpensive.

I wish to love and be darlings! Good luck!