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What cigars happen?

the Cigar - the invariable companion of such famous people as Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, the lieutenant of Colombo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other celebrated personalities.

Cigars classify by the place of growth of tobacco and, of course, by the sizes. In the place of growth is Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Fillipina, the USA. Taste of a cigar depends on thickness: the cigar is thicker, the taste as it contains more grades of tobacco is richer.

The rating of cigars is quite steady and not often subject to changes. Certainly, tone, more precisely taste are set by Cuba. To understand taste real Havana it is possible to try Hoyo Epicure No. 1, for example; ROMEO Y JULIETA Exhibicion No. 3; Cohiba Siglo IV; Bolivar Corona Extra; El Rey del Mundo Gran Coronas; Punch Punch, H. Upmann Magnum, however, Cuban cigars this whole travel, travel of life long taste.

Smoking of a cigar is a special process which can hardly be compared, say, to smoking of a cigarette. The cigar is not smoked, the expert savors it, and certain conditions are for this purpose necessary. In - the first, time. In - the second, a comfortable privacy or the pleasant company. In - the third, a peace of mind because the cigar does not suffer internal vanity and disorder in thoughts. In - the fourth, existence of the cigar, that is good cigar, but not something cigar-shaped machine knittings .

The good cigar is Havana and only Havana . Why in Cuba the best tobacco, One man`s guess is as good as another`s, but it so grows. In Honduras, in Dominican Republic too excellent tobacco, but something is missing.

So, the most popular brand of cigars in Russia - COHIBA ( Ballot paper processing system ) . Sizes: Robusto, Panetela, Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo IV.

Term Ballot paper processing system designated roughly twisted bunch of tobacco leaves forming something similar to what now is called cigar . Grade Ballot paper processing system it is created in 1966 as No. 1 among the Havana cigars only for the diplomatic purposes. Tobacco for the COHIBA brand is removed selectively and the offer of these cigars is always limited.

ROMEO Y JULIETA - perhaps, the best-known brand of the Cuban cigars. The Spaniard of Inocencio Alvarez who sold it to the Sociedad Rodriguez Arguellez company after a while was a founder of a trademark.

The owner of the last, Don Pepin, with enthusiasm undertook promotion of brand. In 1903 it founded the new company which was called by ROMEO Y JULIETA. Cigars quickly won popularity around the world. After Don Pepino`s death his nephew who managed to increase greatly glory of this brand got down to business.

Cigars of ROMEO Y JULIETA were preferred by the English prime minister - the minister Winston Churchill. Several thousands of cigars of this brand constantly were stored in its mansion in specially equipped cellar.

ROMEO Y JULIETA limited edition - the dark smooth cigar possesses a thin opaque integumentary leaf. It is well twisted and can be proud of the accurate hat. Not lit, it already promises a lot of things to the smoker the resistant aroma and rather expressed taste.

The first inhalings make impression, a cigar chtoa strict taste, however all richness of its aromatic and flavoring shades very quickly reveals. Among aromatic prevail spicy, but they do not muffle the others - nut, wood, flower, resinous.

Already in the second third the cigar becomes very strong, fresh taste vanishes, giving way to sharpness, bitterness and saltiness. Among flavoring shades come out on top animal (leathery) and mountain tone, they are supported by chocolate, nut, earthy aromas and a shade of tropical wood.

The cigar burns evenly, without causing difficulties, and still demands from the smoker of considerable experience. Light rum or a sherry will be the suitable satellite it.