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Who such Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking studies fundamental laws which operate the Universe.

Among its publications is a number of the most famous scientific works: Large-scale structure of space - time (in a co-authorship with Zh. F. K. Ellis), General theory of relativity: The review by century of Einstein and 300 years of gravitation (both in a co-authorship with V. Izrael). And its books Short history of time from a Big Bang to black holes and (the latest appeared book) Black holes, young Universe and other sketches became best-sellers.

Professor Hawking is an owner of twelve honorary academic statuses. Hawking is awarded by a large number of various awards, medals and prizes. It is also a member of Royal Scientific Organization and National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

to Stephen Hawking is possible to combine family life (it has three children and one grandson) with the researches in theoretical physics both numerous trips and public lectures.

It is absolutely usual biography of the good physicist if not to know that in twenty with small years, in operating time over the thesis Hawking was almost completely paralyzed from - for developments of an incurable form of an atrofiruyushchy sclerosis and remains in this state all the life. At it only fingers of the right hand which it operates the moving chair and the special computer which for it speaks move.

For the last 40 years, without rising from the chair, Hawking as the scientist made much, it is much more than most of the colleagues - healthy, strong and dexterous. (M. E. Prokhorov/GAISh, Moscow) Stephen Hawking was born

in 1942, in day 300 - the anniversaries from the date of Galileo Galilei`s death. Stephen made the choice of rather vital business to an illness. In 1959 he entered the Oxford university, and in 1962 passed into the Cambridge university to study cosmology.

On a third year Hawking noticed that he began to stumble unjustly. After inspection in hospital made it scary and very rare diagnosis - an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Doctors told that he needed to live two years.

The meeting with the vigorous and cheerful girl Jane who in 1965 became his wife and mother of three of his children helped to cope with trouble to it. Thanks to it he wrote and defended the dissertation. But the illness of motor neurons came cruelly and inevitably. By 30 years Stephen appeared on a wheelchair. Later doctors were forced to remove to it a trachea and it was completely debarred from voting. For not one decade Stephen`s illness slowly, but progresses.

Stephen Hawking works on extremely mysterious question - over history of our Universe. It more than ever and nobody is close to creation of the general theory of the field which would describe and united all interactions in the nature...

Hawking since 1979 heads department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics of the Cambridge university, that department which was managed once by Isaac Newton .

The world popularity and popularity to Hawking was brought by his book Short history of time left in 1988. The book without mathematical formulas and difficult calculations explains with popular language to the reader the theory of emergence and development of the Universe in that look what is seen by her author. In parallel Hawking wrote the book with full mathematical apparatus, but he considers it unreadable and uninteresting for the ordinary reader. Many works of Hawking are devoted to black holes.

For communication Stephen uses a special computer synthesizer of the speech.

of Lecture of Hawking are surprisingly available and interesting. Students laugh at Stephen`s jokes, and at the end of lecture violently applaud the great scientist.

A few years ago invited Hawking to give lecture in the White House. Being present at the lecture modern Einstein the president Clinton called his performance tremendous event also was glad to the fact that in Hawking`s reflections the future appears not static, but still human and dynamic .

All the time while Stephen and Jane, Jane`s marriage lasted did everything possible that Stephen felt normally as far as it is possible. But Stephen and Jane always had disagreements concerning religion. The wife Stephen (Christian) did not accept the fact that her husband wants to explain completely the Universe origin, to enclose all history of life in the mathematical formula excluding God. Eventually their marriage everything is collapsed. But not Jane left Stephen, and on the contrary. In 1985 Hawking from - for heavy pneumonias underwent a series of operations. It fell into a coma out of which by its miracle brought. In addition to a prikovannost to an orthopedic chair the prikovannost to the equipment supporting life support of the patient increased. For care of the scientist the whole team of nurses for the sake of one of whom it left Jane was employed and subsequently married.

Despite an illness, Hawking possesses wide, striking in the heart, a smile. He did not despair and did not recede before an incurable illness. And he not only survived, but also became the most outstanding personality in science of the second half of the 20th century.

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