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Whether it is far from a bum?

the Small street the Psychopath (Psycho Path - literally: path of loonies ) in the State of Michigan it is awarded a doubtful prize for the most mad topographical name of America.

All more than 2500 names fought for this right; a competition under the motto Wild, terrible and idiotic streets the web - the website thecarconnection was declared. com.

On the second and third places - Razvodov Deadlock (in the neighbourhood with Bespechny Lane) in Pennsylvania and the street Far - from - bums in the State of Tennessee.

Owners of private roads in the United States have the right to register the drives under any name. And Psycho Paths combination, most likely, comes to their mind rather often: according to the site editor Martie Padzhett, this name met during a competition several times.

Among the names which drew special attention of organizers of a competition, - such which cause a smile not everyone, and in a combination with each other. So, in Georgia are crossed Odinochestva Road and Heavy Need.

But its favourite example, according to Padzhett, is an intersection of streets of Clinton and Marital Fidelity in the city of Houston, the State of Texas.

If to consider vital signs of an organism, then you, most likely, do not want to turn on the street Far - from - bums, - the local smiles. - But we were told that it is the only road on which it is possible to pass to the ridge of Locks in Arkansas .

All names sent to a competition were checked according to cards so any of them is not invented including the road with a terrible name of the Shadow of Death, and unpronounceable Zzikss Street.

Padzhett believes that the problem which road builders and local councils face can be one of the reasons of such state of affairs in some areas: there are not enough names simply.

Meanwhile, Jeff Zellar lives already several years in Razvodov Deadlock in Pennsylvania.

People laugh when they hear this name, - he says. - They ask: you are going to live in marriage further? In general at Razvodov Deadlock seven houses, and, apparently, six of us already on time divorced. When we moved here, my wife told: somehow it frightening sounds .

Nevertheless, Mr. Zellar is still married. For the second time.

In Amsterdam, besides others, there are Dvukh Kolbasa (Dubbele Worststeeg) Avenue and avenue of the Mad nun (Dolle Begijnensteeg).

In Toronto there are Clinton Street and Gore Street, and they are crossed. It is interesting that they were called so, apparently, in the 19th century!

In Kentucky there is area under the name Opossum Cry. There was a pizzeria under the name Cry Pizza of an opossum .

In Chicago Prostitutskaya Street and Blazhenstva Drive are crossed.

To the East from Portland there is a road sign: Boring city of Oregon (Boring Oregon City). To the east from it the city of Boring, and on the South - Oregon - city.

Holm Bolvanov in the city of Littlton, under Santa - Fe.

The Canadian city of Yellowknife (in translation - yellow knife ), the street is called the Shaggy Bum. The sign almost never lives before to be photographed, but flaunts in drawing rooms of a huge number of houses!

In Perth there is Bespoleznaya Street.

And how about the Friendly Town in the London Blekhita? Sounds rather pleasantly there to live.

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