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Whether it is necessary to us clever house ?

As you think whether the conditioner can turn on if in the room became too hot, and windows automatically to open if the pleasant breeze blew? Or if we on full loudness included a stereosystem, but phone rang out, and the system appeared so clever that lowered the sound? No, it is not imaginations, but the concept which already became reality under the name intellectual house . In Europe it found the application still in 80 - x years, and in Russia appeared only at the beginning of the 21st century.

Combination intellectual (and furthermore - clever) the house not really habitually aurally, but how still to call, for example, Bill Gates`s house, in which at hit of each visitor connect to all systems by means of a special badge? On its signals it is possible to learn about location of the guest, and the light beam at insufficient lighting will accompany it everywhere. Wandering on this house equipped with uncountable screens it is possible to order music or even some video program. Naturally, the computer will remember all this, and at repeated visit you will be already met by familiar motives. For people of more conservative thinking all this can seem excessively pressing on mentality, but in this case it will be possible just to return to more habitual traditional switches or panels.

So, about the main systems of the house with intelligence . The system climate - control means work of the whole complex: electric heaters and heat-insulated floors, conditioners and installation of special glasses in windows which promote maintenance in the necessary temperature balance too. In addition, it provides intake of fresh air, controls humidity level, and in the winter or includes special heating of rooms in cold time of day. The system of lighting regulates light and, for example, at nightfall and installation of the corresponding mode on the panel, it will switch-off not used illuminants and will include soft illumination. If in the house people, then the " mode; Guests on the contrary, as much as possible involves lighting in all house and in the adjacent territory.

It became already clear that one of the main functions of all " systems; clever house - it to provide the maximum comfort. But what feeling of comfort without feeling of absolute security can be? Therefore installation and control over operation of the security alarm system, conducting video surveillance, check of operation of the fire alarm system and control of access also enter in top ten the most important functions of system. Special sensors which indications become the guide to action for the corresponding " devices are installed; intellectual house . If, for example, there was an ignition threat, the system will disconnect the electric power, involves ways of fire extinguishing and in case of absence of the owner will send it the SMS with the prevention or will report on the Internet. The same will occur at illegal penetration into the dwelling - the owner of the house will be right there notified by phone.

For prevention of the last it is possible to use cards with a code, video - or audioon-door speakerphones, at the invasion which was already taking place will be blocked exits, and video surveillance will record all violators of personal and public tranquility. By the way, about video surveillance. You think that it is simple installation of the video cameras which already became habitual in and outside of the building both passive fixation and a data recording? No, all this would be too just for intellectual house . Its system of video surveillance much more cleverly : it has the Internet - the address, and the owner can see record from other continent if he is on a trip.

As we see, one more important feature intellectual house - it is an opportunity to control work of system and to operate it at distance. Gathering home after the termination of day of work, it is possible to go online or by means of GSM to include heating to the arrival, to air the room and even to warm up a lunch in a microwave.

From a lunch from a microwave we will smoothly pass to other components of leisure of inhabitants intellectual house - to the home theater and telecommunication. It is possible to program the necessary TV program in advance or to be adjusted on the favourite canal and to spend evening in a favourite chair. But use of a control system of television channels happens not only in idle, but also in the educational purposes: for the period of your absence to children undesirable transfers are blocked for viewing, and instead the TV shows only that you will allow them. At desire the control system gives the chance simple sending the SMS from the phone in general to switch off the TV in the house, being on service. By the way, information from surveillance cameras can be it is thrown on the TV so, working in the office, it is possible to see everything that occurs in the nursery or in kitchen. As for phone calls on a home telephone number, the first is, of course, their readdressing on mobile if you there is no house. But it is possible to block or program the notification about undesirable calls, and system, having apprehended our voice as kindly will connect to calling or will disconnect a call if silence is the answer.

Of course to equip, especially houses, all inzhenerno - technical components clever " system; (and them there can be several tens) expensively, and not always in it there is a need. Usual intellectual houses have several main systems which happen quite enough for normal life support. The presents intellectual houses for example, in Europe, make only 20% of total of the buildings equipped annually (the total is estimated in about 10 thousand).

The Americans famous for the economy, rationality and a computerization of everything, what it is only possible, do not lag behind Europe too and even organize exhibitions and demonstration performances of all that they still thought up for control systems of houses including intellectual . Our person is not so spoiled: he can watch the house and operate electric devices as old homebrew in the ways, and by means of pair of panels.

But time Europe and America became with " now; clever houses we do not concede in intelligence at all and, so too are worthy that ours fortress became the most comfortable and saved both our resources, and our time. However, badly one - it does not save our finance at all, but it is already other history.