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Learn to be grateful for every moment of the life - to become happier!

When to us are possible to escape from captivity of the egoistical outlook with its inquiries, we realize that a miracle of our life - with all good that in it is, is a result of works and cares of immeasurable many people. The English journalist of the 17th century Roger Lestranzh told: It is very simply wrong to take generous blessing of heaven for fruits of own activity . The truth is that at every moment of the life you get support from the outside world in billions of various ways. You wake up under an alarm clock ring in time - thanks to the designers who presented it to you, designers, collectors of clockworks and sellers. Your morning practice of yoga - gift from a number of generations of the yogin which shared the experience. This list can be continued indefinitely. When you realize this boundless interdependence, you are spontaneously covered by delight and a worship for a life miracle!

Every year, all of us receive goods facilitating our life and more releasing more than free time to the maximum - thanks to market researches. We began to get used to such innovations and we perceive it as due, even without thinking of the fact that market researches were the first step to receiving, for example, today`s model of the cell phone. And market researches, allow to be closer to the consumer, to understand and feel his requirements and mood. Orientation to preferences and benefits of the consumer, allows products and brands to meet expectations of target audience. The companies which are engaged in market researches collect answers to questions of questionnaires from one thousand respondents and receive the generalized statistical results (for example, 56% of respondents full time works or 36% of people are loved by apple juice).

In May, 2008 the international company Globat Data Intelligence inc. the project 8ux for carrying out sociological researches among the population which offers everyone a unique opportunity to take part in development of new products and services of the leading global manufacturers was based. People who join this project 8ux become participants of the network community of consumers, largest in Russia, and can take part in it - a line polls from such companies as, Kok - Cola, Microsoft or Ford Motors. Also, this project, allows everyone, to earn money, expressing own opinion. The project has no analogs, more than 10 various opportunities of obtaining the income are offered here.

of the Purpose of the company:

expansion of staff of respondents to 500 000 by 2011;

opening of representations in 78 countries by 2015;

expansion of opportunities of sociological researches;

strengthening of positions in the international market of sociological researches;

investment of funds for creation of Internet mass-media;

implementation of donations in the charitable organizations;