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How to present an adventure? The new category of gifts

to Make so that your gift was remembered for a long time, very simply. It is much more difficult to choose a gift, looking at which will remember you with heat and gratitude. As about the person able to read mind and to execute dreams. But not as about presented the most unnecessary thing in this life.

Gifts from the " series; White elephant

Once in the territory of modern Thailand. Also the witty king who arranged " ruled there; distribution of elephants all citizen who had misfortune him to make angry. Each objectionable court received as a gift a huge elephant of rare white color and not less rare gluttony. To support a royal gift it was unreal, to get rid of it - especially (in - the first, God forbid, the king learns, in - the second who need such burden?) . As a result the recipient was simply ruined.

Expression white elephant came to us from English (white elephant) and began to designate category of gifts which, as a suitcase without handle, both it is heavy to bear, and are a pity for throwing out. I.e. at best they are useless, and in the worst understand.

Not all white elephants are bulky and gluttonous. It can be lovely and quite harmless things: for example, the Chinese vase which all is good, but does not fit into an interior in style in any way find fault - flew. Or fine east carpet - a dust collector from the beloved mother-in-law. Which terribly clashes with your European-quality repair, but there`s nothing to be done: it is necessary to get every time this monster from the storeroom before visit of the mother-in-law, otherwise she will take offense. Or nice " slippers; farewell, youth if the same mother-in-law in a podarkomaniya attack suddenly did not have money for a carpet. Bedding set in a floret though the recipient loves a geometrical ornament. And to you it is not necessary to speak about ties, circles, shaving sets, cosmetics and perfumery.

A holiday behind a holiday, and already herds of white elephants take space of apartments, ruthlessly eating useful area and forcing the owners to invent new systems of storage. Perhaps, at each of us is strategic stock from such gifts. Usually they appear from - for a lack of time on searches, unwillingness to treat thoughtfully the choice or from - for elementary laziness. Worst of all, when at once several lazy guests almost at the same time buy in the nearest shop same: such gift flashmob will definitely not please either the recipient, or donators.

So there is always an occasion, choosing a gift, to remember the king of Siam and to reflect: and suddenly right now you risk to present to the birthday man of the next white elephant? You have every chance through several holidays to receive the same useless surprise back as a boomerang.

Just money, or Do not refuse anything to yourself

it would Seem to

, the most reliable option to guess with a gift is to suggest the recipient to choose it. And at the same time and to buy too most. Therefore the majority prefers not to bother with the choice, explaining all this with the same lack of time for shopping or fear to buy something not that. And heartily presents to the family and acquaintances by a holiday a couple of the crackling banknotes in a tidy envelope or the gift certificate for a certain sum.

On the one hand, so we indeed avoid unnecessary gifts. With another, the same unwillingness to put though some efforts works to please the recipient. Really: why to suffer if it is possible just to give money, and let the hero of the occasion himself rush on shops and chooses that he is pleasant to him. Here only when itself you think out desire and you execute it whether the feeling of a surprise and a holiday at many for some reason absolutely vanishes

Certification of all country

Can reach compromise between persons on duty gifts and money and fulfillment of desires if you have no time and an opportunity to choose that gift which will be ideally suited for darling, the friend or the colleague? It appears, still as it is possible! And it is for this purpose even not obligatory to leave somewhere. Unless in the Internet.

Perhaps, one of the most successful inventions of modern marketing can call gift certificates. No, not monetary, and event when instead of things or sweets for a holiday give the whole adventure, at the same time it is colourfully issued and packed into a beautiful box.

Having adopted this remarkable tradition at the western colleagues, the Russian companies create the whole lines of gift certificates for all occasions, from a cheerful children`s holiday to a noisy corporate party today. The prices of such services begin approximately from 1000 rubles.

And people willingly leave from traditional souvenirs, household appliances, perfumery or costume jewelry and choose as a gift bright impressions, surprising adventures or unearthly pleasures. A romantic dinner with butterflies or extreme flight on a paraplane. Buggy races or an alloy on rafta. Thai royal massage or chocolate wrapping. Walk on a limousine or flight by plane.

Sellers of impressions competing in speed hurry to diversify the range and to make so that at choice of a gift at you as little as possible time and forces left. For example, in Vpodarok shop. ru of an adventure can be chosen as packs at once. And then a broad gesture to present the whole pack of adventures. And the lucky already himself will choose in what of them to be let. It is possible to take the ready sets of impressions which are specially made for men and women for two, for a family and for colleagues. And if you prefer the gifts made with own hands to you will suggest to compose the gift set, having collected in it only those impressions which, in your opinion, precisely will be pleasant to the recipient. The chance to fill up a lexicon is at one. With development of the gift industry in our language the mass of new exotic words and concepts appeared: zorbing, dzholl - a jumper, an aero pipe, a floating, sigvy, capoeira. Let`s try to understand what is it:

The aero pipe is such thingummy which imitates free flight. You are picked up by the ascending air stream, and you soar in zero gravity (and in perfect security). However, to be supported before flight categorically we do not advise. Enters the gift " set; Moments .

Zorbing - you get in zorb (a huge transparent ball in which one more " ball; it is less - a chamber for a zorbonavt) and dashingly you slide from the mountain. Feelings are inexpressible! Enters a set for men Asset .

Jolie - the jumper has no relation to Angelina Jolie. But on it it is possible to jump. More precisely, on them, because it " steam; a boot - fast walkers on powerful springs. This sport still is called a boking.

Enters the " set; Your day .

Kapoeyro or capoeira - a type of the Brazilian martial art in which game, dance and acrobatic receptions successfully met. All this under the corresponding ethnic music. Kapoeyro enters a gift set for " Duet;.

The ATV - the motor-all-terrain vehicle, or the four-wheel motorcycle of the increased passability. It is ideal for races on a cross-country terrain. Enters the gift " set; Drive .

Sigvy - the electric two-wheeled scooter. Wheels are located not one after another, as at the bicycle, and in parallel. Cunning sensors instantly react to the slightest change of level of an inclination therefore for driving on sigvy neither the wheel, nor brakes are necessary. Enters the gift " set; Delight .

The Floating - from English float (to float on a surface) - swimming in saturated solution of Epsom salt in a special chamber. Reminds bathing in the Dead Sea, but at the same time you are completely isolated from all external irritants. Absolute rest and relaxation! Enters the gift Spa Luxe set.

All these and many other interesting things for quite some time now can be taken and presented. The most important and pleasant feature of gift certificates is that you at the same time give a surprise and you give to the recipient the chance most to choose an adventure. Believe, such gift will for certain be remembered for a long time!