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Only for women: To fall asleep in a basin with salad or to arrange night of fulfillment of desires ?

New year already not far off, and all of you still solve how it to meet? You run on shops with a mad look, trying to find something standing as a gift?

Oh, such situation is familiar to each of us! Before eyes there is a picture: a Russian salad basin, a fir-tree with the doubtful Soviet past, and under it - hastily bought gifts.

Where originality? Where enchanting spectacle? Where holiday, at last?


Perhaps, at least once in a year it is non-standard to approach business?! Reject all prejudices and turn a meeting of New Year at night when all desires come true! What can be better, than festive night alone with darling? Especially if it is absolutely simple to arrange it.

Try to create the romantic atmosphere. Let on a table there will be only light meals and champagne. The TV is not necessary to you, to stay together much more pleasantly, than for the 100-th time to look at the president. Pleasant music - here the best background for a holiday. In advance congratulate all relatives and switch-off phone. Light candles and draw curtains, will be so cozier.

Today we will open to you a secret of how to arrange rather fabulous night full of passion and admiration! Be going to tempt!

Of what the seducing consists?

to make conceited to the man, insufficiently just sexually to look. The man easily feels insincerity and uncertainty in himself. Therefore the seducing always has an inside which gives you special charm. What it consists of?

Self-confidence. Admire yourself, and then others will admire you! Reject all complexes, believe in the exclusiveness and beauty!

Lyubov to and the body. It is the real source of natural sexuality and sensuality.

Pleasure from a seducing. Incredibly it is pleasant to most of men when the woman enjoys the power of the temptress!

It is components of your sexual energy without which the seducing is simply impossible. But except inside there is also external - shape and style of behavior.

Not without reason say that men are visual . For them it is very important to behold the woman, to understand her mood on the chosen dress.

Visual effect of a seducing

But at the same time, all men differently perceive a female body. It is pleasant to someone if the woman specially shows herself in effective linen, for example executing a striptease. And it is much more pleasant to others to see incidentally naked delights (the dressing gown accidentally swung open, in a decollete of a dress the breast etc. flashed) .

Anyway, men very much like to anticipate that they will see. Therefore it is necessary to leave them a little space for the imagination! Linen from translucent fabrics, thin lace, a lacing and slightly bared parts of a body - here that can make the man conceited!

of Poluobnazhennost

at the same time do not hurry to dump from yourself all clothes somewhat quicker! Nakedness - is natural and fine, but in it there is no riddle. The true sexuality and eroticism are in remaining seminude. Here that is really pleasant to a man`s look. Therefore do not remove some element of clothes - for example, a belt for stockings.

One more fashionable novelty - pestis. These are original stickers on a breast which will add a highlight to your image. They have the teasing effect therefore be not surprised if the man from contemplation quickly passes to active actions!

However do not force an event! All men by nature hunters, and the easy mark to them becomes quickly uninteresting. Tease him, let`s admire, inflame his passion more feasibly! The effective dress will allow you to enjoy this game longer. Choose the image depending on mood!

The graceful small dress with lace will be suitable for the romantic person. Will suit the passionate temptress impudent baud - overalls with a lacing or juicy open zones. It will ognenno be pleasant to the lover of the Spanish passions - a red translucent dress. And a set of the baby - the dollars will emphasize fragility of the graceful girl.

Thanks to the image chosen by you, the man will easily catch a delicate hint on your imaginations! Also it will be quickly ready to carry out them! And you need only to derive pleasure - for the sake of it everything was started!

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