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How his gift characterizes the man?

of the Man which give gifts. Such happen. Another thing is that there they will present to you and in what sauce. As they say: To Whom and a mare - the bride! . As extremes it is possible to allocate category of men who give money: it is always fine, and the more money, the better. Clear, of course, that to the man simply laziness to rush about on shops and trembling of soul to guess

what shade of blue color will go to your eyes. He just invests money in an envelope. The essence is in that how much he puts there. Because the envelope with hundred rubles from the man as a gift keeps within absolutely other category - mockeries, in my opinion.

Yes, by means of gifts it is possible to scoff, and still as! My friend, for example, long time gave to the mother-in-law for various holidays beautifully packed fresheners for a toilet, lipstick of wild flowers and collections of chastushkas under the name it seems: To us an old age - not a barrier, we to have fun are glad! . Normally, huh?

passed Everything, and it too, but today we speak about men as donators. So: how his gift characterizes the man?

We will continue about money, if began with them...

1. If the man gives you money in quantity bigger, than a living wage, then I can afflict you - all romanticism in your relations long ago and strongly came to naught. Or this man - your relative. It is minus. Plus - at this man is money.

One my friend half a year planned a gift to the husband for birthday. It fluctuated between the certificate on courses of extreme driving of the car and rent of arbaletny club for a couple of hours, for entertainment of the company of the husband. Money for a gift the girlfriend saved the following half a year at the end of which the treasured certificate was acquired. Why so long saved - in the decree sits with two small children, hats to order knitted - here and saved up. Now question: how many you know the men capable of such feat?

We will return all - to the men giving us gifts...

2. If the man gives you flowers , only - reflect, this gift is how formal? If you do not begin to go deep into language of plants of type: Oh, he presented me three pink roses and two red, so in me he appreciates innocence more, than passion and you will understand that your elect chooses the freshest flowers from the cheapest. If flowers are packed into the newspaper (but are not decorated with greens and bagatelles from ribbons), then I congratulate you - it also saved on packing. Plus - this man plays your games. My friend had to beat out three years from the husband belief: Why to give florets, they already dead .

3. Still men who give to gifts in velvet boxes are. There usually wedding rings (never saw though she is married), gold earrings (was few times), pendents, suspension brackets and bracelets lie. I can tell at once - the man`s daredevils who dare on such gifts. That is, the man who gives considerable money for a trinket which can madam is how self-assured and not be pleasant (the pearls are small) or to appear not on a rank: What is it, I except white gold do not carry anything any more long ago! You Appreciate such man - he is ready not only to spend for you money, but also to risk. He will make your life interesting. Especially, when will lose your apartment in poker.

4. the Man can come back home for no reason at all, loaded with type gifts yellow nozhnichka (you love yellow color), a chocolate, a chandelier or a series of books of your favourite author. Minus will be the fact that all this is bought on your grant. Double minus - when you at last will throw this moron, all this will remain at it - long to unscrew a chandelier, nozhnichka were lost, chocolate is eaten, books The bitch is such, threw the man, also want to select books? Pluses - this shot at least allows itself work to remember what your favourite color and the author. If you relieve it of excessive romanticism and teach to earn money - with it it is quite possible to live years six - seven. Only give birth to children not from it, these beings should not breed.

5. we Will talk about average men whom the majority. Standard men give to the standard gifts which are in advance stipulated with you - frying pans, vacuum cleaners, ironing tables and irons, scales and mixers, down-padded coats, mink caps and cards, linen and winter boots, visits of restaurant and romantic nights. The child, happens, you will receive for March Eighth, however, you learn about it only in May, and you will give birth to the baby on New Year`s Eve. Everything is ordinary and it is so fine!

That to me, I remember all gifts that was presented to me by the husband, and all of them - are magnificent. What I remember gifts still and from what men?

The finest gift - the son on a card wrote: Mother I tybya to a lubl . I still shed a tear over these curve small letters.

The most necessary gifts the brother - wonderful jackets from Spain and jackets from France, costume jewelry from Thailand always gives me, spirits which I will never venture.

Most loving the gift is always given me by the father - it is a carcass of a ram and a bottle of cahors wine. We cook a ram and we drink cahors wine, and I am not more happily on all earth. What and to you I wish - happiness not in men and not in their gifts, and in total these two factors.