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What can the technology of training?

If in some area are problems, then it is possible to tell safely that there any technology is not enough. For example, if the plant releases low-quality phones, then it is obvious, something the plant has no effective technology, or this effective technology is ignored or not applied.

And it reminds system with education. We send children to school and we wait that the school will give us a product in the form of educated children. We want that they not only were able to read, write and knew the multiplication table and that they could apply easily knowledge in life. Even more exacting parents want that their children would learn to study at school. With this skill it is much simpler to get higher education, than without it.

But for some reason children study at school not to how to study, and how to skip lessons, to write off control and to jag formulas before examinations. The most sad that a week later they do not remember any more that they so strenuously crammed . From the point of view of figures it looks as follows: in the list of the most educated countries of the world Russia went down with 3 - go the place which she took in 1991, on 31 in 2010.

Actually the decision for this problem exists more than thirty years. It is called the Technology of training developed by the famous humanist of the XX century L. Ron Hubbard. It is applied worldwide, in many countries it is approved at the state level and introduced in schools. There are groups of Applied education - non-profit organization which is engaged in providing this technology and training of specialists in this area.

Me one case which I observed is remembered: the person owning Technology of training came to one school and asked to give it the chance to work with the most disobedient poor student of school. Next day together with the director they stood at an entrance to school and met late. The pupil 7 - go a class which was late for a mathematics lesson even for 20 minutes became one of such. As it became clear, his progress in this subject left much to be desired too.

Instead of delivering it the next two, in time which remained from a lesson with it gave small classes in technology of training. The first question was What does the word of the mathematician mean? As the pupil could not give the answer, they together looked at value of this word in the explanatory dictionary of Russian. There they learned that mathematics (from other - Greek μ ά θ η μ α - studying, science) is a science about structures, an order and the relations which historically developed on the basis of operations of calculation, measurement and the description of forms of real objects.

They understood that it means and where it is possible to apply the knowledge gained with this subject. After that that boy, about whom all knew that it hopeless poor student ceased to be late for mathematics, began it to be engaged more and its estimates began to improve. And so, it is only one word in one subject. To 9 - mu to a class at most of pupils of such words very decent quantity is gathered.

Here what assessment of technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard one professor of pedagogics gave:

I teach 14 years, and for all this time the most powerful tool in education which I faced, there was a technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard.

The success from application of technology of training at classes in mathematics led to what for the last five years I trained as skilled teachers, and those who only begin career of the teacher, to use of tools and methods which are offered by Applied education.

After use of this technology results of tests were such good that in all the district it was decided to introduce a number of instruments of Applied education - S. K.

The Mission and an ultimate goal of any society in its activities for a solution of the problem of education consists in increase of abilities, an initiative and the general cultural level, and together with it and the level of a survival of society - L. Ron Hubbard

In other words, a solution is, and it is known. It was necessary to give a hand. In Russia there are groups of Applied education which are ready to help any person to understand this technology and which can help with its introduction in an education system.