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To look stylishly and sexually? Shirley of Hollywood!

Than the woman of worthy representatives of a strong half of mankind bewitches? What does it especially seductive? Gait? Smile? Look?

Refined lingerie - here a secret and the special magnetism in shape of the lady and attracting shine of the concerning eyes. Whatever was the outerwear - if under it on the lady beautiful linen, magnificent chulochka with openwork garters, the concerning bikinis and a dizzy sconce - the woman changes in a magic way, in the half-closed eyes mysterious gloss appears, and from such siren it is just impossible to look away.

And houses? As diversify and sensual corsets, lacy peignoirs, juicy bustiers, game suits enrich the personal, intimate sphere, at last! Skillfully using the intriguing erotic linen, the woman will always be sexually attractive and desired, regardless of age, symmetry of a figure and an experience of family life. The true woman will never be tired to tempt the man.

The Shirley of Hollywood trademark (USA) is famous for unique collections of elite romantic sexual lingerie and stylish accessories. In 2010 70 years from the date of foundation of firm were executed. Today many world brands copy models, ideas and finds of Shirley which secret of invariable popularity in the highest quality and the various range of models. Actually this brand became the legislator in the world of erotic linen.

Founded the company in 1949 of Herman Schlobohm - first as shop of accessories which then turned into small production on tailoring of corsets and bras, and after nightgowns and drawers. In 1970 the company redeemed the name Shirley of Hollywood the creator has brands, the constant offtaker of production of firm.

In the same time his sons Roy and John joined Herman Shloby, having undertaken administration, finance, supply - sale and design of models. From this point the company began to develop surprisingly promptly and in the near future became known around the world.

In 80 - e years already the third generation of family Shloby joined work in the company, having headed departments of marketing, quality control and international production.

Today Shirley of Hollywood uses the best sewing equipment to the USA, unique fabrics, lace and finishing from more than 200 suppliers, keeping at the same time reasonable prices.

Thanks to a unique combination of talent and the energy qualified, interested in result of employees thanks to mobility of reaction to whims of the market and style, thanks to skillful management and operational logistics the company continues to develop and improve intensively own corporate style, earning the deserved respect of clients and competitors.

New collections appear regularly, pleasing with interesting images and fresh ideas. For example, in 2010 the Marilyn Monroe by Shirley collection which is creatively interpreting a well-known seductive image in modern understanding of sexuality is let out.

The range of Shirley of Hollywood includes all categories of linen:

corsets, grace;

of a shirt, dress;

baud, overalls;

of a bustier, sconce;

of bikini, sets;

dressing gowns, peignoirs;

of a pajamas, trousers;

playful suits;

shorts, shorts;

of a belt for stockings;

of a chulochka, tights;

erotic accessories.

Especially It should be noted a separate line of linen big (to 62 - go) the sizes. It is no secret that women of tasty forms quite often have problems at selection even of classical linen, and with erotic - it is absolutely difficult. Shirley offers lovely fatties the smart sets and overalls creating a bright sexual image and emphasizing appeal of great models of the past in appetizing women which became history thanks to the magnificent bodies.

Traditionally the New Year`s range of Shirley - amusing suits, sets and accessories in erotic style on fantastically - winter dedmorozovsko - snegurochkovy subject is in excellent demand. They will unexpectedly please and will lighten mood, having filled the most magic holiday with unforgettable feelings.

Shirley of Hollywood is always faultless quality and always actual design. This magnificent linen for magnificent women. If you want to look expensively and sexually, with Shirley it is easy and simply. And if the woman is smartly dressed, well-groomed and stylishly looks, near her - by all means the best of men.