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You look for a variety in sex? Surprise the partner with Karmasheetra novelty!

In anticipation of NEW YEAR of Karmasheetra Russia give the real and original idea of a gift.

we Want to present you original idea of a gift for those who wish to enter in New year on - special.;)

in Russia becomes fashionable Recently interesting design hm... gadget. With a delicate bias...

Is called this gadget - Karmasheetra.

It is a bedding set, but with a cunning counter because on it positions of various sexual poses of the Kama Sutra are printed - that is it is possible to put legs, hands on traces with the corresponding number and... op - the pas - is no place to disappear.

It like the game Twister, with only that difference that in the Twister at you it will not turn out to have sex during game.) )

the Bagatelle was quite entertaining and capable to surprise even the unsophisticated person.

The instruction for application is included in the package and if you had questions as all this works, then here it:

1. Call the partner, invite him to a dinner and ask to think of number from 1 to 7.

2. Previously, so that it was a surprise, get Karmashitra from packing and lay it on a suitable surface (for example, your bed)

3. Tell the partner in confidence that you got an interesting subject which would be quite good to be tested in a bedroom.

4. Be exempted from outerwear (at desire and an opportunity - and from lower) by

5. Pay attention that the surface of a sheet is covered with symbols - blue for it and pink for it.

6. Each game position is reached by placement of hands, legs, knees and bottoms in the correct places, using the correct numbers!

7. Ask the partner to remember number from 1 to 7 thought by him!

8. Good luck!

It is possible to get Karmashitra here.

Little interesting information on a subject:

A Kama Sutra - the ancient Indian text devoted to a love subject.

the Kama Sutra describes 8 ways to make love, on 8 positions in each, only 64 sexual positions, calling them arts .

the Kama Sutra can be considered as the textbook for lovers, but it is not enough one view of pictures with the confused extremities to seize skill.

Karmashitr`s sheet can become the convenient ground for trainings.

This sheet will help to try positions which you ever wanted, but, perhaps, considered indecent to offer the partner. Now it will easily smooth awkwardness of the moment when you suggest to test such interesting things!

The principle which is been the basis for Karmashitra is a children`s game Twister - fascinating physical game where people, being on a rug with color points, in every possible way unscrew the bodies in order that their hands and legs appeared on positions which are defined by throws of a game cube. Karmashitr`s

is covered with pink and blue signs for hands, legs, knees and a bottom so that 7 unique positions of the Kama Sutra are considered not to get confused.

And yes, it is not obligatory to consult previously on the partner - most likely it will lead to bureaucracy and long coordination, just spread out to Karmashitr, take the partner in an armful and... surprise him!;))

With Karmasheetra is simple to open new positions in sex as 22.

It is possible to get Karmasheetra here.