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What questions to ask the employer to increase the chance of receiving work? If on interview the employer tells

: You have to us questions? it does not mean that interview was in the home stretch. It means that the moment to itself came to add chances and to get a desirable job. How?

To ask questions to the employer which will raise your opportunities in receiving work.

Of course, you have questions: salary, social package, holidays. But leave them finally. Now it is possible to add several points to your advantage to already gathered.

Question 1. Ask future employer: As at you belong to to professional education and to professional development? . Each employer appreciates in the employee desire to increase of the professional level. Especially, if it is connected with internal motives of the worker. A question - analog: What opportunities in the company to increase professional knowledge and skills of the worker? .

Question 2. Find out: What tasks and plans will be put before you? . The question reflects your practical interest in objectives. One of important qualities which are looked for by the employer in applicants is ability to move to the purpose and to solve objectives.

Question 3. Ask: Tell about internal corporate culture of the " company;. Oh, a subject of corporate missions - most worshipped among HR managers. They for hours can argue from what goes and what aspires " to; their " team;. One do it sincerely, others in a craze on corporationism . Present to your interlocutor several pleasant minutes.

Question 4. Take an interest: What plans at the company in the market segment? . Part of corporate culture always are healthy ambitions . Employees like to tell any loyal companies about plans and ambitions of the company. Of course, the manager or the HR manager interviewing you - from the most devoted the company of employees. Anyway, the employee of the employing organization with pleasure will state plans of the company. And you from the first steps will show interest and loyalty in new work.

The asked questions supplement your positive image. Now surely you turn to pragmatic questions of conditions of compensations, payments, etc. It will emphasize your practical and business approach to new work.

Progress in interview and at employment.