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10 most expensive cars in the world of

Cars happen different: beautiful are also not present, expensive and not really, powerful and weak-willed, personal and others`.

Well, well, be going to examine with beautiful, powerful, the most expensive in the world and that the annoying - others cars. A top - ten.
on LA Auto Show in California was presented on January 5 by p> Bugatti Veyron of $

1,700,000 to Bugatti Veyron 16. 4, the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car in the world.

the Technical miracle under the name Bugatti Veyron 16. 4 has a capacity of 1000 horsepowers and about 407 kilometers per hour disperse. And the set of 100 km/h from the place of Bugatti Veyron requires only 2,8 seconds, it is quicker than one of the fastest motorcycles of the class super - sport Suzuki GSX - R1000!

Ferrari Enzo of $

1,000,000 the Car

This model called in honor of the unique founding father of brand and the outstanding engineer Enzo Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari) is released by limited circulation. This car - the real formular race car adapted for usual road conditions.

At the moment, Ferrari Enzo - the most perfect, most modern and just very beautiful car. Its chopped stocky silhouette is the embodiment of automobile dream of a half of automobile mankind. And this car cannot be compared not to the military fighter - the invisible being, hiding from the opponent`s radar at extremely low heights, to the modern warship, to anything. It is the original and self-sufficient car - it is primary in the form and is not cast by any other works of human thought except several generations of models from nice history of the Ferrari brand. Today the Ferrari Enzo car does not demand any completions - it is perfect.
the Manufactory on production super - sports Pagani cars prezentirut p> Pagani Zonda C12 F of $

741,000 on a motor show in Geneva 602 - the strong Zonda F model. A kernel new double kabrio is 7,3 - liter - the twelve-cylinder unit with 602 - forces at 6. 150 / min. Zonda S 7 Models. 3 and Roadster have the identical unit with a power of 555 horse at 5. 900 / m. The new Zonda F model brings the maximum torque in 760 Nanometers at 4. 000 / m. All power of the motor is transferred through a six-step mechanical transmission to the back drive of the car where are located big 20 - inch disks from an easy alloy with tires of 335 / 30 in size. In the ochered on the forward drive are located 19 - inch disks with tires of 255 / 35 in size.
One of the fastest supercars of the world is presented to p> Koenigsegg CCX of $

600,910 by the Swedish company Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The body and the chassis a penalty are made of the extralight carbonic fiber strengthened by cells of a kevlar and aluminum. All shape of the car is subordinated to idea of high speeds and CCX are acquitted by the appointment - from scratch to hundred the sport car accelerates in 3,2 seconds, the greatest possible speed equals 395 km/h.

of Koenigsegg CCX is equipped by V - the figurative eight-cylinder engine of 4. 7 l with the 806 hp double camshaft (6900 rpm), a torque of this motor make 920 Nanometers at 5700 rpm. On the car there is specially designed 6-speed transmission and all necessary security systems. In the mixed cycle the sport car spends 17 liters for 100 km.

Porsche Carrera GT of $

484,000 the Porsche Car

will shortly stop a mass production of Carrera GT. As earlier it was supposed, the number of the released cars had to make 1 500 units. But plans were corrected, and all 1 270 cars will be made. Now production of the last party Garrera GT comes to an end. A half of the released supercars was intended for the USA - there Carrera GT was on sale at the price in 440 thousand dollars. In Europe the price was slightly higher - 330 thousand euros. The exotic supercar could be bought also in Russia - for 580 thousand euros. Under a cowl rather behind Carraera GT cockpit, in base, it is located 10 - the 5,7 liters cylinder engine with a power of 612 hp. Length of Porsche Carrera GT is 4,61 meters, width is 1,92 meters, and height is 1,16 meters. Car weight - 1 380 kilograms. To 100 km/h of Carrera GT disperses in 3,9 seconds, 6 more seconds are necessary to gather speed in 200 km/h, and the maximum speed makes 330 km/h.

Mercedes SLR McLaren of $

455,500 the Car

Each copy of the special Mercedes SLR McLaren series received the engine forced to from 626 to 650 horsepowers with which the supercar can accelerate to hundred kilometers per hour in only 3,6 seconds, to 200 kilometers per hour - in 10,2 seconds, and its maximum speed makes 337 kilometers per hour.

Maybach 62 385,250 of $

the Car

the Revived brand of prestigious cars of Daimler Chrysler. The new magnificent limousine presented by the Stuttgart car maker differs in the exclusive sizes, excellent quality and exclusive style. In the field of the Maybach technology took all the best from innovative developments of the related brand Mercedes - Benz.

Rolls - to Royce Phantom of $

320,000 the Car

was on May 4, 2004 exactly hundred years from the moment of Chalz Rolls and Henry Royce`s first meeting which result was an emergence of the legendary English Rolls brand - Royce. In honor of this event the Rolls company - Royce decided to let out a special limited series of magnificent sedans Phantom.

In the technical plan all cars of a special series will not differ in anything from basic versions and will receive the same 12 - the cylinder engine. The main differences will disappear in salon of these sedans. There will be special plates with names of founders of the Rolls company - Royce and date of their meeting, and also with number of the concrete car of this series. In addition, all cars will receive a few other finishing of the forward panel, with inserts of aluminum and mahogany, plus several additional devices not available on regular cars.

A quantity usual Rolls - Royce Phantom last year passed for 2000.

Lamborghini Murcielago of $

279,900 the Car

Some autoobservers some time criticized the last creation of Lamborghini for the fact that it not it raunchy what, for example, was the first Countach. What is interesting, many of these critics did not even see Murcielago with own eyes - and it is vain. When you look at this car, stupefaction is rather big that the idea to criticize it even came to mind. Yes, design of Murcielago, perhaps, not such front line, as at the first akuloobrazny Lambo, nevertheless it obviously attracts and caresses a look. Besides, you will not confuse it with anything.

As for a running gear, a certain balance between extremes is here too observed: body from carbon fiber, the central placement of the engine (behind a cabin, but before a back axis), transmission - ahead of a cabin (for optimum placement of loading - 42% in front and 58% behind). In Murcielago the drive on all four wheels is realized that is unusual for supercars. The torque is transferred on 18 - inch disks (245/35 - lobbies, 335/30 - back), dressed in rubber from Pirelli P Zero Rosso.

Lamborghini doors by tradition do not open, and reveal (as wings of a bird), kovsheobrazny sitting are improved in Murcielago in such a way that it is much easier to sit down and rise from the car, than in the previous models. It is entirely sports car, both on external, and on internal geometry. Leather sitting, a wheel, pedals, the check point - everything merges with a body, hands and the driver`s legs, forming a single whole. As for the engine, here too all on the highest sports class: V12, 580 hp. allowing to gather speed to 205 mph above; Murcielago does 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3,8 seconds. But even at smaller speeds the torque is transferred exactly so the driver does not have special need to untwist the engine on everything 7500 about. / mines to feel a sheer pleasure from power.

Of course, Murcielago - the car not for the city. Its driving in a dense city stream among ordinary cars can turn back real torment, considering extremely low landing and, therefore, the limited review not to mention that in the city it will be difficult to taste even the tenth part of the fact that Murcielago can. This car loves a scope, big and desert highways.

Aston Martin Vanquish of $

255,000 the Car

of 100 miles for 10 sec. It is possible to tell, of course, 60 miles for 4,5 sec., but, you see, it will sound not so effectively. Anyway, not many serial cars can brag of such acceleration. But what always surprises when driving similar cars, so this how it is easy to operate these monsters even at magnificent speeds. Vanquish perfectly enters turns, and it is possible to feel a limit of speed at which it is possible to do carefree these turns, perhaps, only on a race circuit. Because in other conditions simply does not bring the car. One more technical detail: for country travel the mode of automatic gear shifting is provided in the car.

Inside Vanquish is rather spacious, skin (though, of course, it is possible to order finishing from any other material), big and convenient governing bodies which are placed so that as seldom as possible to distract the driver from the road is a lot of space for legs, everywhere.