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And as to fight against it

Read a hungover syndrome, each of us, except for rare schast - brassieres, got into the unpleasant situations connected with an excess glass of vodka. To answer a question why it happens, let`s look how our body battles and... most often suffers a defeat in fight against those chemicals which we voluntarily drink.

Alcoholic drinks are always mix of two alcohols: ethanol and methanol. Least of all in vodka, but in moonshine and in fruit and grape alcoholic beverages, such as cognac, a slivyanka, its level 2% can reach methanol.

So after you overturned a shot glass, the alcohol gets into a stomach, and alcohol gradually, is soaked up by insignificant doses through; its walls in blood. Through blood alcohol gets into a brain where go neuropeptids into action. It is considered that they control sensitivity degree to alcohol and operate our mood. Depending on your psychological spirit the alcohol strengthens either good mood, or a depression.

If at the moment acceptances on a breast the stomach was empty, that alcohol through an open sphincter of the gatekeeper of a stomach gets also to a small intestine which is capable to pump over with bigger intensity alcohol in blood that usually results in fast and strong intoxication. The food in a stomach constrains opening of a sphincter.

The blood poisoned with alcohol comes to a liver which acquires alcohols according to a certain order. At first turn of ethyl alcohol which under the influence of enzymes turns into the poisonous aldehyde making sick and a headache. Then aldehyde is transformed to rather harmless acetic acid which is removed by a bladder from an organism. After procedures with ethanol the liver starts methanol, transforming it to toxic formaldehydes and formic acid which are the main reason for a serious hungover condition. And, blood is purified of methyl alcohol by 10 times longer, than of ethyl.

Organism dehydration - the most unpleasant symptom of a hangover. The organism suffers from loss of electrolytes: the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium ensuring a normal muscle work and nervous system. From here - obtusion of feelings and a foggy look. Deficiency of water - the reason of a hungover headache. The brain dehydrated, as if dried out pulls the nervous terminations of the firm cover covering a skull from within and the head begins to hurt.

But the theory the theory, and the practician such is that not to avoid parties in any way, so, it is necessary both to poison an organism, and to endure a hungover syndrome. Thank God that for removal of this state there are numerous recommendations and recipes.

In - the first, it is necessary to know that the sweet and fat food promotes a smykaniye of a sphincter and hit of alcohol in a small intestine detains. Therefore national recipes - to drink a glass of milk, couple of spoons of olive oil or to eat a salets before indulging in plentiful libations, are very useful and effective. The fat food holds binge in a stomach until it does not digest food and consequently, process of absorption of alcohol will become smoother, and the blood alcohol level will keep on rather low or more - less reasonable level.

But if nevertheless the feeling of a hungover syndrome appeared in the morning, it is necessary to use the recipes recommended for treatment of such state.

So, still the ancient Roman philosopher and the naturalist Pliny Sr. living in 29 - 79 years of our era adored pokhmelyatsya in couple... owl`s eggs. In the Middle Ages this illness treated the chopped eel seasoned with bitter almonds.

Today sobering " cocktail is popular with Americans; Oysters of prairies consisting of the crude egg mixed with tomato juice, vorchestersky sauce and vinegar. French prefer to be treated by strong black coffee with salt. Japanese are drunk by green tea, Danes go to a sauna. Germans prefer on hungover breakfast banana, beef or mutton and milk. Turks are treated by yogurt and garlic.

From other popular means of fight against an illness advise to put to a forehead a compress from grated onions or the fabric impregnated with vinegar.

Still say that crude turpentine of a long-term hollyhock ordinary, dissolved in a glass of water, instantly removes a hangover, especially if it came after sleepless night.

And, of course, in this case - a sin not to remember well-known. a brine which too not bad helps the sore head.

But if nothing helps, go to a bed. Time cures all.