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Whether dark energy decreases?

of Supervision over flashes of the remote supernew stars led scientists to creation of absolutely new picture of the Universe only ten years ago. They drew a conclusion that mysterious dark energy accelerates process of expansion of the Universe. The group of astronomers studied exhaustive data on supernew stars and came to amazing conclusion: dark energy, apparently, decreases.

From the middle of 1990 - x years cosmologists discussed mysterious dark energy which accelerates expansion of the Universe. This dark energy is not a constant - it decreases. Such statement was published recently by the international group of scientists. Change of dark energy, perhaps, will allow to make the important conclusions about its physical origin.

Acceleration of space expansion, apparently, was slowed down - the astrophysicist Armand Cheyfaylou from the Oxford university which worked on this subject together with Varun Sakhni from the Center of astronomy and astrophysics in the Indian city of Pune commented on results of research. Also Russian researcher Alexey Starobinsky from Institute of theoretical physics of Landau is among coauthors of work. Three scientists were analysed anew by the fullest data about supernew, published at the beginning of 2009.

In 1998 two groups of astronomers paid attention that in the remote galaxies of flash of supernew shine more weakly, than scientists expected. Explanations it is for this purpose found, and it is considered standard now: from the moment of the Big Bang there is a continuous expansion of the Universe, but the Universe extends not evenly, and with acceleration. This acceleration is caused by influence of additional, so-called dark energy. The analysis made by Armand Cheyfaylou, Varun Sakhni and Alexey Starobinsky shows that brightness of flashes supernew at distance to two billion light years best of all corresponds to model in which dark energy during a modern space era weakens.

Such opening can become innovative, opening new prospects in science. For the first time there is an opportunity to do the reasonable conclusions about the physical nature of dark energy. However the scientific world accepted a hypothesis frostily. It is necessary to treat the analysis seriously, nevertheless, for this effect it is possible to furnish not one explanation - Robert Kirchner from the Harvard Smitsoniansky Center of astrophysics in North American Kembrizhda carefully speaks. At supervision of flashes supernew in the remote galaxies errors which influenced final data can be allowed.

Astronomers hope that in the next years special programs of supervision will bring data on several thousand supernew. Then it will be possible to prove changes of dark energy or to disprove this hypothesis.