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How it is correct to erase? Useful tips on washing of

Several useful tips:

well to bleach white woolen things, before washing they are presoaked for 2 hours in the solution (which temperature does not exceed 20 C) containing 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent on 10 l of water.

can wash Woolen and silk things with fat spots in mustard infusion. At the same time fabric takes seat and fades less, than when washing by detergents. At first dry mustard (1 glass) is presoaked a small amount of water and pounded, liquid dough will not turn out yet. It is wiped through a gauze in warm (40 - 45 C) water (10 l) and 2 - 3 hours allow to be drawn. Erase without soap or detergents; infusion of mustard is changed by 2 - 3 times. Rinse in water with liquid ammonia (a teaspoon on 10 l of water). Silk things should be rinsed in cold water last time, adding to it vinegar (5 tablespoons on 10 l of water).

can apply infusion of a soap root (saponin) To washing of linen or knitted woolen fabrics. In 10 l hot (70 C) waters draw 50 g of a soap root within a day, boil infusion of 1 h, cool and filter through fabric. Infusion is diluted with water by 2 - 3 times and wash things within 30 - 40 min.

If coloring of a woolen thing is fragile, she should be killed before washing in detergent solution (according to the previous recipe), having added a liquid ammonia teaspoon on 10 l of water. It is necessary to erase after soaking quickly (at a temperature of 35 degrees) and to rinse carefully. Add vinegar to the last washing water - 5 teaspoons on 10 l of water.

it is the best of all for span to wash Things from a mohair detergents for wool and silk, having added a little glycerin to washing solution. When washing a thing it is impossible to rub, wring out them follows between towels, and damp it is good to comb a brush.

If the thing was felted when washing, she should be killed in the solution containing 3 tablespoons of liquid ammonia, 1 tablespoon of turpentine and 2 tablespoons of vodka on 10 l of water.

If has to wash the washed-off cotton linen, wet it for days in the solution containing 2 - 3 tablespoons of means for washing of cotton fabrics and as much turpentine on 10 l of water and then erase and you boil in the usual way. There is also other way: it is possible to wet things in warm (30 - 40 C) vinegar solution - a teaspoon on water liter.

That on products from fine fabrics there were no red spots, do not forget sporot before washing iron buttons, buckles and other metal accessories. From linen which you are going to boil it is necessary sporot plastic buttons - they can be deformed. From white things do not forget sporot color applications, they for certain will fade.

That at all things at a blueing turned out the same shade, it is not necessary to try to become blue their everything at once. It is better to podsinivat each thing separately, keeping identical time in solution.

If terry towels became rigid over time, erase them and boil in salty water.

it is better for span to iron Woolen things damp through damp cotton fabric; iron silk things surely from a wrong side, dry or slightly underdried; viscose fabrics should be ironed only dry that spots did not appear; the silk jersey is ironed from a wrong side, having evenly humidified a thing, otherwise it can get out of a shape; knitted things should be ironed damp, from a wrong side, through a wet rag.

For removal from white linen and cotton fabrics of traces from the hot iron the turned yellow site is presoaked in cold water, and then wipe it with solution of chloric lime (a teaspoon on a glass of water). From white (unpainted) woolen fabrics these spots delete differently: wash out solution of equal parts of 3% peroxide of hydrogen and 5% liquid ammonia, and dry up the warm iron. If spots weak, it is possible to wet a thing in the solution containing 2 teaspoons drills in 1 l of water, to rinse and dry up.

Podpala can be removed also by means of onions: to cut a head, to wipe with it a spot and to wash out it detergent solution.

to give luster to the substarched things, it is possible to add at vigorous stirring to hot starched milk of a little melted stearin. It is possible to try to rub also starched things with stearin and to iron (up to three times) slightly heated iron.

can remove Yellow spots from the starched things with hydrogen peroxide solution (2 teaspoons on a glass of water). The processed place is slightly washed out clear water.

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