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Fedorovich, you that... Are not right...

Sad Mykola Azarov at a yesterday`s meeting of the government brightly illustrated himself philosophical the thesis - Whether there is life after the veto? Before an opening speech sighed three times and when established the fact of a ban of its tax child, sighed still twice. And further, without raising the head, tried to oppose... to the leader!

In unusually long speech of Nikolay Yanovich this time there was a few logic. But in each phrase - an insult, attempts to justify and not to lose face. So, telling members of the government about the presidential veto, Azarov made the strange statement: I Want to inform our citizens that it is a common position of the President and the government . And after that tried to guide than more arguments which would deny such community. The tax code, according to him, the document remarkable, and angry businessmen slandered him and covered with black " paint;. At the same time word lie Mykola Azarov accepted the whole four times! Without watching that the code was not pleasant to the head of his political team Victor Yanukovych and he said the well-known phrase Azarov, work!

Nikolay Yanovich does not agree with the chief that the code was prepared got. Though recognizes that nobody especially considered remarks of businessmen: In limited time it is almost impossible to consider all . But fears of businessmen, tax any business in only a few minutes will be able to cover, Azarov called unparliamentary words - Why this lie extends over the country? We could not answer this lie .

If the President made guilty of a failure of the code of Mykola Azarov, then Nikolay Yanovich chose the information services for this role. Opponents concentrated on separate shortcomings of this document, and our information services, ranking officers could not inform each citizen of the objective and truthful point of view - threw thunders and lightnings the Prime minister is publicly humiliated and promised to punish guilty persons. And in parallel with vote in the Verkhovna Rada Ukrainian promised much and it is convincing to tell about advantages of the code.


Take out together with a chair!

Despite a frost, the indignant businessmen continue to strike on the Maidan, expecting today`s vote for the changed Tax code. The authorities allegedly decided to present to people a peculiar bonus and to sacrifice one of authors of the scandalous document - the chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Mikhail Brodsky. Another proshtovkhuvalnik the code which got national dislike - vice-the prime minister Sergey Tigipko - so far was decided not to be touched. Reported a source in Presidential Administration about such plans of journalists. Instead of Brodsky who already managed to become the character of caricatures and the odious government official Dmitry Shvets has to head committee - less charismatic head, was already the head of this structure in due time.

It is interesting that before a yesterday`s meeting of the government the first deputy head of presidential Administration Irina Akimova did not confirm, but also did not disprove news about Brodsky`s release. The official in the well-known blog gave a transparent message to the leaders of the state: voluntarily he will not retire! Like, deregulation needs to finish. If the President decides to dismiss me is his right. I do not comment on the decision of the President - Brodsky significantly narrowed space for maneuver to Victor Yanukovych.