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UPTs of the Moscow patriarchy will define, it is authorized to which of capital priests to perform a funeral service

of the Trick of the Ukrainian orthodox church (The Moscow patriarchy) in the union with present, also near Moscow, the power for the last half a year and further surprise with impudence and cynicism. Churchmen all museums from the reserve " did not manage to move; Monastery to complete without documents the temple on Borshchagovka, to use 11 million hryvnias of budgetary funds for construction of church - giant near the " subway; Lybidskaya as the Ukrainian mass media started sounding alarm over again.

New church history is connected with the letter of the archbishop Mitrofan to the director PKPO " special combine; providing burials in Kiev, Alexey Gorovy in whom the attendant Boga asks to grant the right to UPTs (MT) to determine who priests cannot be allowed on capital cemeteries for burial service of the dead. Mister Gorovoy agreed on this offer at once and signed the resolution: To data and use in work .

The main consequence of such actions is even not that UPTs MT staked out for itself function of honourable jury to select priests, on a casting. And that in already created list cemeterial non grata - priests of UPTs of the Kiev patriarchy. It turns out, the Moscow patriarchy actually received monopoly for burial in Kiev with the consent of the municipal enterprise, so - the states.


Silence of the Moscow patriarchy

at the beginning of this history developed impression that the Kiev metropolitanate of the Moscow patriarchy in every possible way tries to disown from the fact of existence of the letter of the Archbishop of Bila Tserkva and Boguslav Mitrofan to the director PKBO " special combine; Gorovy. The comment a press - the secretary of UPTs father Georgi about it very much reminded a situation when at it MIND in due time was interested whether it is valid in borshchagovsky " park; Youth illegally build Spyridon of Trimythous`s temple. Then the father did not tell something concrete, and spoke about provocation supposedly if build, then documents everything are. However everything appeared absolutely not so. This time Georgy Kovalenko derisively answered that information which extended mainly through the blog of the journalist Oleg Medvedev on To Ukrainian Pravda with reference to the website of UPTs of the Kiev patriarchy that that is " there; will not comment and asked to show at least the copy of the letter. Information on the blog, is taken from UPTs KP... Well, you know, I have nothing to tell - the father Georgi ironically answered.

On Tuesday MIND rang round all telephone numbers provided by a metropolitanate. When at last on that end of a wire found the priest, it was allegedly ready to comment on all actions of i to the father Mitrofan`s request (by the way, this person refused to be called), it turned out that on thoughts it needs half an hour. And for half an hour the call was taken by the woman who reported that nothing cannot help here. Gorovy could not be found through constant lunches, meetings and meetings within two days too. Mobile the director of special combine the secretary refused to provide a press-.

The Letter such really is

However already next day the scanned version of the address of Mitrofan was at the disposal of edition. Provided it a reliable source MIND . In this document it is told: We tell you that in territories of the objects of municipal property entrusted to you there were again persons who give themselves for priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and, being in material arrangements with employees of department of orders of municipal ritual service and the private ritual companies, make burial services and commemorations . Below - the " list; false priests : Bogdan Boychuk, Bogdan Yosipchuk, Georgy Shpakovsky, Daniil (Titovich - Opechenik) and others. Even lower - the signature of the archbishop Mitrofan, and from above - Gorovy`s resolution To the data and use in work .

MIND sent the copy of the letter oty to Kovalenko who lost after that all the irony, having reported that the letter was such and advised to address with comments the father Rostislav who carries out a press - conference for the Ukrainian mass media in this regard. It has all letters. Really, and the letter about which you speak is - the father Georgi admitted.

Mister Rostislav, obviously, within Tuesday having well considered that it is necessary to tell to workers of mass media, noticed: The People specified in the letter give themselves for priests of UPTs, but those are not. The matter is that believers of initial UPTs address to office of the Kiev metropolitanate of 1910, say that in ritual services of Kiev they are deceived and provide not priests at all. The question is in giving to Kiev residents the consulting help and to help with carrying out the correct orthodox burial service. Why the Kiev patriarchy so reacted to the letter? Probably, have for themselves some sins... .

Priests were just deleted from list of the services

According to the father Rostislav follows that the Moscow patriarchy just undertook noble function to provide consulting help in the choice of priests. A logical question - the faith which, under the Constitution, is equal with others has to it the right? And why these consultations it, but not undertakes to render, for example, Rimsko - Catholic church in general - Society of Consciousness of Krishna? Moreover, why the power agrees to the offer of the Moscow patriarchy? The uniform state - uniform church? Forward in the Middle Ages?

The Kiev patriarchy began to sound alarm the fact that priests whom the father Rostislav calls impostors and not belonging to initial church - so, the Moscow patriarchy, - are attendants of UPTs KP. And this cleaning fight against UPTs KP at the new, state level began. According to the bishop of UPTs KP Evstratiya (Dawns) to tell that it is the first attempt of the Moscow patriarchy monopolizations of religion it is impossible. As the priest notes, within several last years on the Kiev cemeteries budgetary funds established wooden chapels, under them without problems allocated the earth and carried out church services. Probably, subsequently UPTs MT decided that it is not enough. It is valid, not all Kiev residents want that ikhnikh the family was read the burial service by the Moscow patriarchy. Therefore, I think, Mitrofan decided to involve administrative " lever;.

It is a traditional position of UPTs MT, - the bishop Evstraty continues. - They do not consider the Kiev patriarchy as church at all, and all our priests for them not priests, and respectively, everything that they do - it is invalid also injust. But such position of one faith. It cannot become a position of the state as the state has no right to define the correct and wrong attendants from whom ascends and the grace does not descend... On the contrary - it has to control equality of faiths .

As the bishop speaks, in principle, performance of a request of the Moscow patriarchy by mister Gorov does not forbid to bury people with the priest of UPTs KP. Just from now on special combine from the list of services which offers - wreaths, people dig a hole, brass band - will remove all attendants of the Kiev patriarchy who could execute service, having left only Moscow. Of course, the person at desire will find an opportunity to bury with our priest, but it will be for this purpose necessary to look for it independently. Therefore, it will be simpler to agree to the attendant of UPTs MT in the " complex; with all necessary, than to look for most .

The address to the address of the chairman of KGGA Alexander Popov was sent by the patriarch Filaret. In it the patriarch asks mister Popov to understand the interfaith conflict. In the text of the address to a request of the archbishop Mitrofan it is provided as one of examples of violation of the law of the equal relation of the state to faiths. We hope, the chairman of KGGA due will react and to carry out spiritual duties will grant the right to all churches, but not one faith - the bishop Evstraty says.

However from the yesterday`s message of the city administration follows that the power chose a detached position. A press - service, quoting the first deputy chief of Head department of funeral services of KGGA, distributed the following message: With confidence I declare that this false information. People choose the priest who will carry out a ceremony of a funeral, depending on the religion. The entrance on capital cemeteries, as well as always, is open for priests of different faiths. The head department of funeral services never interfered and will not interpose in the matter church . Therefore Alexey Gorovy`s resolution which eloquently gives kindly To the Moscow patriarchy, ignored, an assessment its actions were not given, information called false having added that management further will not interfere .