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Review of the movie Intersection (Crossroads, 1986)

Musical wisdom says: The Blues is when to the good person it is bad . To Eugene Marton, to the seventeen-year-old teenager with Long - Aylenda, not so badly, but he all the same dreams to become the famous BluesMan. Eugene since six years plays the guitar, but teachers force it to execute classical works to which at the fellow the soul does not lie. It has a shabby hat, a worldly-wise guitar and irrepressible desire to do favorite thing. And here Eugene incidentally finds out that at nursing home it is nearby silent - the legendary BluesMan Uilli Brown who was once driving friendship with other legend of a genre, Robert Johnson peacefully lives.

On the legend (based on real events) Johnson received the musical gift unexpectedly and under very mysterious circumstances. The musician declared that he went to a certain magic intersection and sold soul to a devil in exchange for improbable abilities. Having written 29 songs and having made several records on radio, Johnson perishes tragic death, having taken a secret of the skill on a next world.

Eugene seeks to get acquainted with Brown because he sincerely believes that Johnson wrote not 29, but 30 songs by all means. The last, unpublished and to nobody still unknown song, can make it well-known suddenly. And to whom, as to the best friend Uilli Brown, the nobility, where and under what circumstances this last masterpiece of the blues got lost. However the capricious old man, having understood that young talent so simply will not lag behind it, decided to use Eugene in own, mercenary purposes. The matter is that Uilli had imprudence too to conclude the contract with the Prince of Darkness. But unlike Johnson who died to young people and suddenly Uilli slowly grew old and thoughts of the future execution of the debt obligations every day weigh it more and stronger.

The old man decides to run from the almshouse together with the boy and to go to that intersection to try to break off the contract. He promises the boy to present the treasured song if that helps it to reach the destination. On the way of Uilli it is necessary to teach the beginning BluesMan to mind more than once - to the reason and most to remember

those times when he was a young and fervent musician too Walter Hill`s Picture belongs to those movies which cling not at once, and after some time. Can be therefore in film distribution the tape had no great success, but was incredibly popular in video salons and points of a video hire shop. Slow roudmuv classics, however, became unknown of the musicians traveling towards to the destiny what genre. It is not the musical though it is enough music in the movie, it is not the melodrama, but also not the drama in pure form. And if to add presence at a picture of the Devil incarnate, then rattling mix turns out in general.

The movie is partially based on real events because also Uilli Brown whose role is played by Joe Seneca and Robert Johnson`s legend took place actually. The fact of travel which Walter Hill and the screenwriter John Fusko arranged as a certain crusade in search of already lost song and the soul which is not lost yet is thought up.

A leading role in Intersection the young movie star Ralf Machchio resting then on laurels of glory thanks to participation in a teenage film hit " executed; The Guy - the karateka (1984). Here Machchio has, in fact, the same role, he only studies at other old man, and not to art of single combats, and art to put chords. He played exactly, without halts, but, nevertheless, I liked Joe Seneca who masterly represented Uilli Brown`s old times more. In addition, participated in a tape Jamie Gerts (the little girl Frances who ran away from parents to whom Eugene has a short-term road novel and unrequited love), Joe Morton as the agent of a devil and the famous vsamomdelishny guitarist Steve Wai with whom the magnificent final scene of musical duel on electric guitars turned out.

The movie, of course, is not a masterpiece in the true sense of the word, but, nevertheless, even from a position of time did not lose the charm. It is worth looking at least for the sake of several successful music turns.