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Rejuvenation. Introduction.

Dear Readers!

I want to offer you a number of articles on complex rejuvenation of an organism. All articles are connected among themselves. Consultation is conducted by Smolina Anna Yurevna.

So, we will begin.

The mankind all life thought of eternal youth: rejuvenating apples, a youth elixir (count Koliostro), stem cells, naotekhnologiya (clinic), scientists constantly work on removal of a gene of aging.

I want to give short classification of age by WHO:

to 30 - ti years - young age;

of 30 - 60 years - average;

of 60 - 80 years - the senior average;

more than 80 - ti years - advanced age

Pay attention - in classification there are no old men to age of 90 years. Why people at young age look is old?

Often I hear opinion of people: To Whom how many it is measured, that so much and will live... (opinion of pessimists), Be on a positive - everything will be good (opinion of optimists), As God willing... (opinion of believers), What to think here? Go to clinic - and rejuvenate for big money! Probably, I will agree with each of these opinions. It is possible to tell much about biochemistry of the person, about some spiritual things. But. How the person will live this life? What its quality will be?

And by and large if scientists consider that the person can live 120 - 130 (reserves of an organism allow) why we so live a little? Why some in 40 years look on 60? Why the cardiogram 30 - ti the summer man pokazyat heart 60 - ti summer?

I want to quote the biochemist Vengr: Life from the birth to death is constructed on 2 - x processes: assimilation (construction) and dissimilation (destruction). It works and at the level of a physical body, and brain activity i.e. as far as the person builds, or destroys the life.

As far as these two processes (construction and destruction) are in balance, the person is so much and lives. When protsssa of construction prevail - sections are updated. If processes of dissimilation (destruction) prevail, then the person in 30 years can look on 60 and feel for all 100 years.

Any live organism is samoovostanavlivayushchayasya, the self-renewed system. Not only life expectancy, but also its quality depends on prevalence any of processes. Everything is rather simple: assimilation - dissimilation. On what of processes of people will place emphasis (and, in the head), so it will or build the life, or to destroy. But it is already the choice of each specific person.

For understanding of processes of aging and rejuvenation there is one curious technique (the author is unknown): it is recommended to present the life as construction of the HOUSE. Psychologists recommend this HOUSE everything - to draw, and it is beautiful (we will periodically come back to our HOUSE). It is necessary not only to build the HOUSE, but also to watch it (any hostess, any owner knows about it), depends on it how many the HOUSE will stay. As the HOUSE will collapse, depends only on owners.

Therefore all talk on genetic predisposition is irrelevant. 5 - 7% are a heredity, what is put by parents (color of eyes, hair, growth, addition type...) other 93 - 95% are already ourselves as we cared for ourselves during life.

But in order that to build the HOUSE, it is necessary to zat as it to do. Therefore people who do not study sweep aside this information. Concerning children: it is very important to teach them to watch over the health, to teach to build the HOUSE. The youth about health reflects rather seldom, generally when it is already necessary to do something when something began to fall off .

Mechanisms of aging turn on at once after the birth. But once again I will repeat - everything depends on balance of processes of assimilation and dissimilation.

What is important for construction of the HOUSE? We will deeply not press in what is proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These are very important bricks for creation of our HOUSE. I.e. the healthy balanced nutrition is necessary. But the most important - roads. Thoroughfares on which construction materials are delivered and the garbage is taken out, without them it is impossible to construct any of HOUSES.

In our organism the role of thoroughfares is carried out BY VESSELS. Healthy vessels - pledge of youth and active longevity. A stage No. 1 in the program of rejuvenation - to put vascular system in order. How to make it? We will talk about it next time.

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In the following article will go conversation on a blood circulation role in the course of rejuvenation.

For today we say goodbye to you.

Progress to you! To new meetings!

C you was Veronika Chikisheva and Smolina Anna Yurevna.