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Guessing on a coffee thick: let`s glance in a cup and in the future?

Having seen somehow the prophet who for a payment predicted future to anyone, Demonakt told: I do not understand what you take money for: if you can change foreordained - how many you demanded, it all the same will be a little; if everything comes true as it is necessary for a deity, - to what in general your prophecies? .

This aphorism belongs to the Ancient Greek writer Lukian from Samosata. There is, of course, a grain of truth in these words, however the person - such interesting being who all the time seeks to glance in the future. Most often just like that, for the sake of curiosity.

So why not to recognize the destiny by a coffee thick?

For guessing it is necessary to make the real ground coffee and to pour it in a white or light cup. Before beginning to drink it, formulate a question or make a wish. Then drink coffee, having left at the bottom of a few liquid. Take a cup in the left hand and, having concentrated on your question or desire, shake up a thick roundabouts three times. Women need to do this counterclockwise , and to men - clockwise . The deposit has to be distributed on walls. Now cover a cup with a saucer, turn it upside down and let`s stand several minutes.

It is possible to start the guessing. Now glance inside. Here several councils for interpretation of figures:

1. The most important symbols are located near the place of fastening of the handle, less important - on the opposite side of a cup.

2. Figures to the left of the handle (in the situation from ) make negative sense, on the right - positive.

3. If the figure looks towards the handle, so it directly influences your life if to the opposite side - indirectly, indirectly.

4. Symbols at the top rim of a cup speak about the present, and is closer to a bottom - about the long-term future.

5. Figures at the bottom of a cup indicate events which will take place not earlier than in a year.

6. Coffee in a cup shows the future, and in a saucer - the past.

Consider figures in the following direction - from edge of a cup to the center of a bottom, then across from left to right, then from right to left, a bottom and the middle, and then you can address a saucer. Interpret symbols in total, i.e. it is not necessary to consider separate figures, try to look at a picture in general. You have to record history of your life, having built series of associations.

Here the most widespread symbols (to list all figures there is no sense as each person himself has to complete, edit them in the context of the life).

1. Figures of people

If you saw the head of the person without body , then it means that you have a young friend who is well influencing your destiny. If she watches up , then this is the strong defender; if down - you is expected by small danger. If you saw one person in a circle , so someone loves you.

Two persons looking at each other say about what you love and are loved. If two persons in a circle - expect a fast marriage. If persons are divided by the line, that it means divorce or change.

Eyes foretell changes in life. A mouth - good friends or a joyful message. A hand - disappointment.

If you noticed a figure of the girl - it means gentle love. If saw of the young guy - separation. And the old woman tells about strong and reliable love.


the Butterfly
says figures of animals to

that you receive the love letter. The pigeon symbolizes innocent and honest soul. If you saw of a raven , expect misfortune in the house. The swan speaks about unexpected money. The eagle foretells a victory after persistent fight.

The wealth and receiving inheritance contacts fly . A spider - with an unexpected gift.

A sign of happiness, good luck and big love the frog brings . The small fish sees each other to good news or travel. The lizard declares surprise.

The bull speaks about profit or about a good health. The camel foretells wealth. A hare - cowardice. A cow - happiness. The lion declares nobility. The bear speaks about danger which at you will manage to be eliminated.

If you learned chicken , so it is necessary to render service to the stranger. The duckling speaks about fidelity. The rooster contacts family wellbeing.

The cat means that you are expected by poverty, poverty. The dog symbolizes the loyal friend.

3. Figures of plants

If you saw in a cup trees , then these are your obstacles in a way. A bush - failure in affairs. The wood - a mistake on a course of life, and the dense wood - unexpected quarrels with close people.

The oak is told about a victory over the enemy, by a willow - about grief. Will tell of the solution of the problems to you a clover .

The lily symbolizes friendship. A rose - engagement or a wedding. A violet - marriage with the rich person.

4. Figures of objects

If you saw the car , so expect the road, travel. The bicycle speaks about difficult travel. A wheel - about an adventure.

Diamond will tell of happy love. A ring - about engagement or a wedding. If you see of an angel , then you are expected by good news. The star means freedom.

The small house speaks about need. The lock - about trouble. A tower - very good sign. The window foretells theft. Gate - return of the friend, arrival of guests. A key - before you open all doors.

A cross white - happy family life, a cross black - a sad message.


the Straight line
indicates lines by

happy and carefree life. There are a lot of straight lines - on health and longevity. The interrupted straight line or zigzag foretells an adventure.

The arc-shaped or a curve - at you is the ill-wisher. There are a lot of curves - you are surrounded by foes.

The straight line is crossed by curves - problems in private life. A cross in a form X - marriage.

A quadrangle or a square - the best sign. Your life will be happy, financial position - stable. Expect progress and profit.

The oval speaks about a marriage. A triangle - about good luck. A circle - a pleasant environment, full mutual understanding.

Small points mean money, three points - longevity. Hyphens speak about work change. Oval hillocks - about success in affairs.

6. Figures

0 - you were born under a lucky star, 1 - you are loved, 2 - failure, 3 - the successful transaction, 4 - hope for good luck, 5 - gossips, 6 - a marriage, 7 - family happiness, 8 - quarrel, 9 - acquaintance, 10 - good luck.

7. Letters

A - a victory, B - the power, B - misfortune, D - a loss, E - a remorse, N - concern, P - deception, C - acquaintance, Yu - alarms, Ya - change to the best.

For each person symbols and their interpretation sound differently. Try on on yourself, pass what was seen through the world. For one person the picture will seem in one light, for another - respectively, in another. Your guessing has to be subjective, concern personally you. The main thing, you look at the appearing figures completely.

Successful guessing!