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Sex slows down aging of

Pleasure a body and a satisfying of carnal desires. Quietly and intimately or loudly and madly passionately. It tests everyone, it excites and dements not only men, but also women. Only in a bed we can enjoy proximity with the orchestra seats, sex strengthens intimate relationship between partners. The brain is disconnected, and we obey only the instincts, sex instincts.

And you know that sex prolongs life and slows down aging? It is scientifically a fact in evidence. Scientists from Hamburg, having conducted big research, proved that sex which brings pleasure promotes improvement work of a brain, heart, reduces probability of heart attacks and strokes twice, reduces risk of developing of diabetes, brings a pancreas into a tone, improves a metabolism and even promotes aging delay. Active sex can help you to prolong life, to keep youth and beauty of your body. Regular sex occupation it 3 times a week and more is considered.

The Scottish psychologists, having conducted research, came to a conclusion that the people having active sex look better and 10 years younger than the peers. Also, our appearance for 65% depends on a way of life and only for 35% of heredity. The healthy nutrition and refusal of addictions will keep to you youth and will slow down aging.

It is impossible to exclude the fact that regular sex depends on sexuality of the person. We will give advice or small cunnings how to increase the sexuality.

For example, in conversation with the man (woman), remember any erotic moment which could excite you. Your look and behavior will change at once and will not leave indifferent your partner.

Joint viewing of a porn, will unambiguously excite partners, the romantic, a joint dinner, candles, the muffled light, will hardly leave indifferent one of partners.

Change of a situation, gets too as the bedroom and a bed quickly becomes boring. Try to have sex in kitchen, in a bathroom or if you the fan of extreme sex, well approaches a balcony. By the way, scientists proved that sex in cars, considerably reduces weight and mercilessly destroys calories, such sex is equal to jog at a three-kilometer distance.

Sexuality does not depend on the size of a breast, hips or a waist. It depends on a look which you can start up on the partner, from touches and your breath. Reveal yourself from this party, the clothes, etc., precisely will help you to show the sexuality.

It is unambiguously necessary to develop the sexuality and it is possible. Get rid of complexes and awaken in yourself animal desire to have sex. Sex brings to longevity, health and slows down aging.

Ancient Chinese highways say that sex is capable to cure of many diseases. And if you, for any reason have no sex (there is nobody or other), then at women can begin from - for stagnation of blood a nevrotization, and at men 10 days later, mobility of spermatozoa considerably decreases. It in case you strongly want, and you are strongly excited.

Active sex strengthens nervous system and even promotes successful career, sex helps to be in good mood, creative abilities can wake up from occupation by love at the person. Also it promotes good weight loss, and be not surprised if at you the breast and a bottom considerably begins to be rounded to improve in shape is sex too! You remember, sex has to bring pleasure not only to you, but also your partner. So, dear friends have sex on health. Good luck and regular to you intimate life.