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What leads to unwillingness to study and from where it appears?

you sometime observed such picture: the child goes to the first class full of enthusiasm and desire to study. But to the fifth, a maximum to the seventh class it goes to school just because he is poisoned there by parents. What has happened?

U it was gone desire to learn something, and in a full vessel, as they say, will not add water. As a rule, comes the way for it of the child. Sometimes gets to teachers, directors of studies and directors. Whether but in them a problem?

Speaking about training, we actually speak about acquisition of concrete skills and knowledge. It is very easy to track it on the example of paid courses. When we go on driving lessons, we want to be capable to drive the car after we graduate from them. We are interested not in the book in which it will be written that we listened to a series of lectures about driving, and concrete knowledge and skills of driving. Truth?

What we see at today`s school? We see that most of children should receive in it any useful skills, since 5 - go a class, but in additives to leaving school they do not want to study at all.

With this relation to education the child goes to school or institute, and... Tell, it is only honest, the big percent of students attends all lectures at institute? And how many from those who come to lectures, and really are engaged? As practice - shows not much.

If to consider that the theory is necessary successfully to put it into practice, and practice not seldom too is carried out carelessly, then we receive a large number of low-skilled workers. And though in each area, certainly, it is possible to meet professionals, every year such phenomenon becomes a rarity.

And here is how it is reflected in everyday life.

The person was trained for the specialist in public relations. It graduated from higher education institution and is ready to come to major company to the prestigious and well paid position PR - the manager . But, it becomes clear that it cannot find to itself(himself) work! According to the researches conducted in the fall of this year, PR - in Russia it is the most difficult for experts to settle.

You think a problem that PR is to nobody the necessary expensive entertainment? By no means! Public relations is a necessary element for development of any organization. And any good head knows it. But still he knows that from 10 people whom he employed to this position for the last 2 years any did not know that it has to do, and was engaged just puskaniy dust in eyes. And it despite the beautiful diploma.

As you remember, everything began with unwillingness to study at school. Why? For the answer to this question it is possible to address the author of the checked technique which proved the efficiency not once and not in one ten countries of the world. The technique is called Technology of training and her author - L. Ron Hubbard.

By results of researches on the basis of which this technique was developed, it was revealed that the person gives up study or loses to it interest after to it the word which value he did not understand meets, or misunderstood. In this regard there is a wish to pay attention to results of survey conducted among school students by results of which it became clear that the majority of them do not understand that names of objects which they study mean.

For a start, perhaps, it makes sense to understand in what mission of school. And excellent definition is given, in my opinion, by L. Ron Hubbard: The School is not that place where give children that they did not get under feet adults during the day. It would be too expensive pleasure. The school is a place where develop ability to study and where children can be prepared for a meeting with real life, to teach them competently to cope with it and to prepare for taking in hand the tomorrow`s world in which today`s adults will be already elderly people and old men .

If to look at problems of education considering this this, then their decision looks not such and difficult - to achieve that children understood word meaning which they learn at school. With Russia with it can help Applied formation of the CIS .

More than 900 " groups; Applied education now work in 67 countries, and more than 400 of them opened only for the last 7 years. Besides, teachers from 42 countries, including India, Japan, Palestine and Swaziland, were trained in technology of training. If to consider that these teachers in turn prepared the colleagues and students, then total number of those who benefited from technology of training since the International center was open, makes more than 20 million now.

Once L. Ron Hubbard very precisely noted that Today`s children are a tomorrow`s civilization . Let`s make this civilization educated and competent. Tools for this purpose not only exist, but also are available to everyone.