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Team building in crisis or how to rally before a reality call?

Business trainings or training of team building - what is more effective in use for increase of indicators of activity of the company?

Team building - the key to success! On Saturday and Sunday we go to the wood to team building training, we will rally team on rope course! All go!

to wait for the similar statement from the management of the company practically Now is not real. Is where to spend money and without it. And money in general for a step to the left - to the right from the main daily functionality of the company - still to look for a step

A if all - to organize action on team building, then it is possible to receive still and grunt of employees of type: Fiddle while Rome burns! Or: The pouvolnyala People, and money there is no place to put perhaps? Or: Perhaps you just on hands will give this sum to us? And ourselves will rally, without team building! . Many just do not see sense in komandoobrazovatelny events.

Most often, having carefully counted means, the management orders business the trainings connected with rational things: management of costs, sales, strategy, marketing, efficiency indicators. Then programs for leadership, management of changes, performance appraisal follow. But!

Business trainings or training of team building are only visibility of need of the choice. How it was difficult, the collective will not get to anywhere. It will be. And human relationship will influence still efficiency and quality of work, organizational climate, turnover of staff, adaptation to difficulties etc., etc. And meanwhile the team and team spirit then is checked and required then when there are real obstacles.

What requirements to team during overcoming of difficulties?

1. Presence of the recognized leader. It which really goes at the head.

2. Frankness at experience of problems.

3. Ability to strengthen performing discipline when it is necessary to carry out decisions of team or the leader accurately.

4. Readiness to help each other and beyond the scope of duty regulations.

5. Promotion of initiatives (at all levels) on work of team on the current tasks and the perspective purposes.

If to analyse these requirements, then it will turn out that all of them are connected with work on what is difficult to feel but what is felt precisely by all - spirit of team, spirit of each its participant.

How to develop this spirit ? Whether there is a sense to invest in it if finance is not so available how earlier? The answer to this question is given by time. Since October, 2008 (when at us in Russia officially declared world financial crisis) there passed more than two years.

Period of panic, depression, thoughts and cardinal changes behind. We continue to live and develop in a condition of crisis economy of the second wave. It is not so obviously expressed, but to a favorable condition of functioning of business still far. How many still it is possible to reduce costs? How many still it is necessary to dismiss employees? From what rooms it is possible to be exempted? There is a limit to reductions, it is impossible to be compressed indefinitely, the excess fat was shaken and will be enough.

Whether it is necessary to delete from articles of the budget business trainings in general and team building training in particular? The condition of retreat before economic problems should not become chronic, any defense will be broken sooner or later. And the pendulum of administrative decisions begins to shake in the opposite direction.

Administrative resources concentrate on the solution of problems not of a survival, but development more effectively: than still it is possible to increase quality of work, sales volume by means of what to hold the necessary people in a hard time? How the remained employees devoted and loyal to rally, motivate, inspire?

There are actual forms of the solution of the current administrative tasks. The tools are developed and tested according to today`s with time, organizational and economic instability, the pressed-down budgets and other delights .

The most popular and bright tools which proved as positive results both with rational, and from the emotional party are given below.

Effective team building in a habitual form.

1. Strategic session.

the Collective form of work on team building. Ideally - involvement in development of strategic objectives and priorities of different links and hierarchical levels of the company. The regularity of such sessions in crisis (once a month, quarterly) will create at employees feeling of an involvement, to attaching to actual information on affairs in the company. Important by preparation to balance structure of participants that on some quantity depressive surely there was an optimist.

2. Brain storms on problems.

One more collective form of work on team building. Again it is connected with involvement. At the same time still it is possible to master and adapt under the specifics creative technicians, to study experience of the different companies, i.e. to combine with training.

3. Development of projects (anti-recessionary, innovative and so on).

Very concrete form of work on team building. It is connected with creation, usually (at the correct realization of management of the project) creates feeling of a visible final point where it is possible to measure result, to feel ready-made product of the project.

Team building in shape with high emotional and rational potential

1. Conference together with clients (partners, shareholders).

Very effective form of team building. Excellent reason for operational feedback to all participants. The main thing - to prepare the topical and vital issues and the presentations, to plan accurately - as as it will be discussed to what decision participants have to come.

2. The business game modeling a real problem.

Very much clockwork in a form team building training. It is possible to receive excellent result almost comparable to brainstorming. But, besides, the excellent portion of adrenaline which " is guaranteed to participants; will load them for several weeks.

3. King for a day . Day (several days) of rotation tops and bottoms .

Idea is in that heads and subordinates exchanged in places for some period of time. Such form of work on team building will give the chance to really understand the weaving problems on different " fronts; companies. It is possible to learn a lot of new about inquiries of clients, loading of people, deficiencies in skills and other. Besides - it is necessary to organize correctly and carefully this process that not to commit follies for this day.

So: how it was difficult, all the same alone, in the separated and separate collective you will achieve nothing - how each of employees separately was good. Therefore there is nothing surprising that team building remains to one of the most actual requests of the market for business trainings regardless of degree of a krizisnost of its state. Defining this or that form of team building, it is important to understand accurately tasks, to feel the current mood of collective and it is correct to count consequences of the chosen form.

Perhaps, the soil under the project, for example, it is necessary to prepare not less carefully, than start of a new product on the market and so that in advance to create the correct expectations and the positive relation to the new project?

As was told by one of characters of the movie Magicians : The Form at us is now given high content! Good choice!