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In what meaning of life?

Not once the person reflect In what meaning of life? Why I live? . But so till the end also cannot find the concrete answer to this question.

For someone the meaning of life consists in desires and the purposes. There are people who thinks that life does not aim; it it is simple is . And still there are people who are sure that we here just to establish a family, to get posterity and to continue a sort. Eventually, the desire to leave behind though something is put in a genetic map of each living being on our planet. However it follows from this that primitive sexual instincts are the cornerstone of all our life. Yes, probably, it so if it is about any small period - it is, perhaps, and so, but - all life?.

Actually The only sensible thought which can be found in all numerous theories about meaning of life is a thought of love. Love, in all its forms - here that only powerful and immortal force which brings sense in our everyday life.

Of course, it is not about romantic love, not about syus - pus though this type of love in itself is also strong piece. It is documented that the broken heart causes more painful and painful feelings, than a drink of lemon juice. But the love which I mean is that fire that burns in soul of each of us, that internal heat that does not allow us to freeze from cold of people around and keeps our soul in heat minutes of despair and a hopelessness. It is love to the life.

It is that internal voice which speaks to us: Celebrate life, rejoice, create! . It comes together with passion and with understanding that in life there are some things for which it is worth dying, and much more things for the sake of which it is worth living.

So in what the main passion of your life? For what you came to this world? The answer to these questions will furnish to you a clue of great secret of life.

There are several hints which will help to come to a solution and to find the way.

Nobody will reveal to you this secret. To ask about it others - all the same what to go on the city with the plate on a back Please, kick me - nobody will make it. You have to find the answer. Besides, I assure you that you will never comprehend meaning of life, having stared in the TV. Silly also to count that once on you the enlightenment will condescend, dazzling divine light will spread everywhere, and the purpose of your life will appear before you.

The best way - to stay alone with itself and to reflect over these difficult questions. This not especially difficult exercise if to be honest with itself: it is not more difficult, than to resolutely raise the right hand in response to a question: Whether it seems to you that you could receive more from life? . Actually, it is a question of what is for you in life the most important.

For some to comprehend meaning of life means to find such moments when they behold something fine or feel as a uniform, complete being, and then to construct all other life around these moments. Others for this purpose should meet difficulties and problems.

For a start it is enough to realize that you appeared in a deep hole of which you cannot get out and that life moves on a knurled track or just slips. (Hey, do not hesitate, safely enter club of losers!) . Then you will understand what you really want from life, but cannot carry out in any way. And, you, at last, will begin to see clearly. It will be similar to as though halfway to the resort you unexpectedly remembered that you before departure from the house forgot to switch off the iron. And when you will understand (or will seem to you that understood) what should be made with the life, - do it! If it is required, make a prompt jump in novel.

Lay the hand to a breast and feel heart beat: it hours of your life tick, counting time which remained to you. Once they will stop. It is a guarantee of the producer, and here nothing can be changed. Therefore it is impossible to lose any precious second. Follow the dream with all energy and passion, otherwise you should observe only how the prompt stream of life carries away your unfulfilled dreams.

I wish good luck!