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Vladimir Shakhidjanyan`s life. And you are able to live joyfully?

Psychologist, journalist, teacher, author of books 1001 questions about IT We Learn to speak publicly creator of the " program; SOLO on the " keyboard; Vladimir Shakhidjanyan answers questions of our correspondent Evgeny Nikitin.

- your relation to the " magazine; Shkolazhizni. ru ?

- Excellent! We use a number of materials from your website and we publish on the www resource. 1001. ru.

in what you are engaged, and in what I am engaged, - is crossed. We want to improve with you the person and the world. I consider that in life everything is possible. My dear phrase: Any dream can be turned into a fair wind if it is correct to place sails .

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, what you will do after teach to gather the whole world by a blind ten-manual method? What you will teach further to?

- Somehow I counted: to execute everything that I want to make, it is necessary to live as early as years seventy. Alas, even SOLO on the " keyboard; will demand several more years. We created the website www now. nabiraem. ru - directly on the Internet can take our course, to seize a blind ten-manual method of a set in the Russian, English, German languages. The main task of the website - to unite good people, to teach them to communicate

In my plans - creation of programs for memory development, fast reading, Russian, writing of new books

Oh, I have many plans.

Ya I love the phrase: If you do not think of the future, at you is it and will not be . And I think of the future and I remember that you will never make tomorrow what you will not take care today of.

- You author of the book We Learn to speak publicly . Prompt how it is better to prepare for public statements? It is no secret, that the main problem not in a voice, and in an emotional pressure

- the Emotional pressure is removed by a good dream, walk and auto-suggestion. But nervousness needs all the same to be kept - otherwise there will be a bad performance, heartless. Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin`s

was asked somehow whether he worries before performances on a scene, and he answered: Only fools and dead men " do not worry;.

If to perform all hundred tasks which I give in the book We Learn to speak publicly (there is also an audiooption), you begin to say twice better how spoke prior to passing of a course.

- Today a nervous century, and people often offend each other Your council: how to learn to forgive and whether it is necessary? Whether leads forgiveness to impunity?

- Everything is simple. It is impossible to take offense at friends, and on enemies it is useless. Here it is also necessary to forgive all. To be angry - that is useless. And to revenge - it is silly. It is clear? And it does not lead to impunity. And here own helps to preserve nerves.

- How to be to lonely people? I know one woman who constantly changes partners, all do not suit her You can give advice to it?

- Not those men are chosen by the woman. Council one: to look for, for and for And to learn to love. To learn to get to fall in love. If the woman looks for in men of inventors who have to entertain her, then it is a way in anywhere. By the way, on our website www. nabiraem. we teach ru people not only to a blind ten-manual method of a set, but also communication.

- Tell whether there are some universal methods of disposal of sociophobia?

- seriously to answer a question, it is necessary to know personally the person who suffers from it. Most likely, all makes sense to address - the good psychiatrist. We are afraid of psychiatrists, and in vain. Abroad many high-ranking people have personal psychiatrists, and it is correct. It is impossible to exhaust the state inside. Council the general - to get a dog, to walk with her more often - and to meet those who have dogs too

- And you believe in properties of magic of the voodoo? Really it works? And in magic of thought? Do we have the vital embodiment?

- I am far from the voodoo. In my opinion, it is atavism - from paganism. We all - live in 21 - m a century.

A magic of thought We once much on this subject spoke with Wolf Grigoryevich Messingom. You know it? I communicated many years with it personally. The most talented person was. Guessed thoughts at distance More precisely, did not guess, and felt - and claimed that everyone can learn it, it is only necessary to be engaged constantly in self-development

- you have a motto on life?

- Who wants, that will achieve who looks for, that will always find. there is no

In life stalemates, except death.

As you can see, one motto did not manage. Every time at this or that situation I remember a miscellaneous, and it helps me.

A is frequent at lectures I say the phrase: Do not take life seriously - it is a temporary phenomenon . Though itself I treat life seriously.

- Whom it is better to be in sex - the theorist or the practician?

- you asked this question that I smiled? Practician, practician. Good practician. Excellent practician. Magnificent practician. Fantastic practician. Such practician, that she (he) remembered you well (remembered) even if you met her (with him) once.

remembered At once the phrase which quite often I say besides when lecturing on sex: Men, remember - so far you have one finger, you very sexy man .

- Your opinion: marriages of convenience - it is good or bad?

- Strangely enough, such marriages are stronger, than love matches.

- You deal with psychology, sex issues, communication problems. And that was an incitement to opening of " firm; Ergosolo - and why to you it? Were not afraid that burn through? - Was afraid, afraid of

. I in detail tell about it in the Diary of the businessman on my website www. 1001. ru.

Ya hoped that I will be supported by the state. Alas, the question of computer literacy concerns nobody.

U us the country, where every fourth person - the bribe taker.

U us the country where the president for years argues on corruption, but changes nothing. us the country where without kickback nothing becomes I do not take

U to

Ya and I do not bribe. I not I saw state budget.

Fortunately, so far we did not burn through.

Unfortunately, a blind ten-manual method of a set only five percent own. If I manage to raise computer literacy in the country at least by two percent - we will be able to earn money for creation of programs for memory development, fast reading, increase of literacy on Russian - and to turn our website www. nabiraem. ru is valid in the resource interesting to many visitors of the Internet. I want to bring together people decent, clever, kind, frank, well-mannered, sincere, wishing to change themselves and the world there. I think that the one who reads these lines now carries himself to decent people - differently what sense to read Shkoluzhizni. ru

- What advice you could give to young people when they fall into a difficult situation: quarrels with relatives, a gap with darlings, dismissal about works or expel from institute?.

- Remember one phrase: there are no desperate situations - there are desperate people.

Further. Never be sorry about a past because it is useless. Surely plan the life at least for the year ahead - and it is ten better, and a level think highly. In all udacha you thank circumstances, to blame itself for all failures. Try to be the tolerant person (tolerant). Constantly you study something new. Here if all this to do

, then life, as a rule, becomes interesting.

I need to add: you do not hurry to live. Fall in love with yourself - and you will be fallen in love by others. You appreciate the friends because friendship - concept round-the-clock. Care for the parents, do not argue with them.

explain Many shortcomings with own laziness. And so, remember: there are no lazy people - is not keen and unorganized. And still there are idlers.

we Will remember the statement of one humorist: Life is short, suffer a little bit

My councils are banal. All horror that the mankind cannot acquire common truths in any way. And I claim: if you follow my advice, then even in cloudy day at heart at you will become solar.

you Visit my website www. nabiraem. ru. I will teach you to live joyfully, to live by the principle The Person is an opportunity, life is a creativity .