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Why the airports of Kazakhstan are in great need in aeromechanics of

Kazakhstan can appear in aviation isolation . Expressed such opinion during plenary session of Mazhilis of Parliament the deputy Amanzhan Zhamalov.

In the deputy inquiry addressed to the prime minister - the minister, he notes that the airports and airlines are in great need in pilots, aeromechanics and mechanics. It is possible to solve a staff deficit problem, having opened branches of foreign aviation higher education institutions in the territory of Kazakhstan, Zhamalov is sure.

Last year the International Civil Aviation Organization forbade several Kazakhstan airlines to make flights to the countries of Europe. According to Amanzhan Zhamalov, 9 companies successfully left a black list, but according to the deputy, their planes further the region did not take off. Over the country other threat hung - it can appear in aviation isolation if does not solve a staff deficit problem. At the airports experts of the Soviet training, but them work less.

Amanzhan Zhamalov, deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK:

- For example, at the airport of Uralsk to the youngest aeromechanic more than 50 years. And opening in the republic of branches of foreign aviation higher education institutions with a world name can become the solution of this problem.

The academy of civil aviation in Almaty trains specialists in an old Soviet technique and therefore graduates to get a job, are forced to improve skills abroad, the deputy notes. There is an arrangement with the Latvian institute of transport and communication at the level of the government about opening of their college on the basis of Ural letno - technical school of civil aviation. But here encountered a collision in the law on education.

Amanzhan Zhamalov, deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK:

- Point 4 of Art. 65 of the law allow, and point 2 of Art. 35 of the same law forbids opening of branches of higher education institutions, including foreign and international. At the same time it should be noted that in Kazakhstan several branches of higher educational institutions of Russia already function.

The deputy Zhamalov sent the inquiry addressed to the prime minister - the minister. It is possible that shortly foreign college all are will appear in Uralsk. Not so long ago after the address of mazhilismen at city airport began to repair vzletno - a landing strip.

Ya as representative degenerating in Kazakhstan professions of the aviation technician, dared to express the opinion on current situation and to predict result of the offered decision.

The presented material, despite its obvious relevance, causes easy bewilderment by the amateurish and nonprofessional approach to the solution of a question. For example, statement that The Academy of civil aviation in Almaty trains specialists in an old Soviet technique and therefore graduates to get a job, are forced to improve skills abroad .

It is known that similar higher educational institutions always trained broad specialists. Initial vocational training of aviation experts also consists in it. Anyway, after the termination of such professional institution, whether it be a higher educational institution or school of HECTARE, experts study concrete equipment in uchebno - training groups and on that equipment at which they should work in airline. So was always, so train experts and abroad.

Therefore, quite naturally, graduates of " HECTARE Academy; are retrained (there is such term in aircraft) on concrete equipment. Earlier, when the system of retraining of personnel of HECTARE functioned, they studied flight and technical operation of the aircraft equipment and, then, periodically, in several years, improved skills in system uchebno - the training groups or the centers (UTO, UTTs) specializing in concrete types of aviation equipment.

Now there is no such system of preparation and retraining therefore aviation experts are forced to improve skills abroad.

What represents the institute of transport and communication offered by the deputy Latvian now. All aviation experts are perfectly informed that it no other than fragments and remains the former Riga institute of engineers of civil aviation and in the current situation, after disorder of the " union; and outflow of the main experts and teachers, neither on scales, nor on material resources, nor, especially, on level professorsko - teaching structure, it and cannot hold a candle the Academy operating in Kazakhstan.

Its present attempts are based only on speculation of a name, earlier widely known in the world, and the status; in a pursuit though behind any benefit, it emissaries and strenuously offer the very and very doubtful services. They are forced to do it of purely economic reasons as now in this institute which was earlier training aviation experts from around the world from - for its present backward states, not a way to attract the contingent even from undeveloped, economically backward countries.

On the basis of the Ural airline, within already several years, the school on training of aviation experts which has the existing certificate and makes initial training of pilots and aviation technicians not only for Kazakhstan, but also in scales of all CIS successfully functions. For what all this is started distemper . Only in order that arose biased associations in the heads of laymans, Riga - means Europe, abroad, means perfectly and correctly. And what completeness and essence of alleged training of specialists, in what it will pour out and that it will let specifically, about it speak at this stage it is not accepted. Main thing to push idea, to bring up the question and then let competent people will count and, most likely, will shed a few tears . And if to consider the level of corruption of state agencies, then how many still will plunder under this next undertaking. Aircraft - branch rather capacious, so similar transaction on expenses it can be commensurable with delivery to arms of the Kazakhstan army of artillery of the Israeli production, with the subsequent development of similar scandal when suddenly billions suddenly appeared wasted .

Practically all this seems in the following light. In Uralsk everything will remain as before, at best there will be some representative from Riga. Perhaps, business trip to Latvia will be organized, will give out to all beautiful diplomas of the international sample and to study as concrete equipment, on " Boeings; all the same it is necessary abroad in presents aviation educational institutions. Here the aircraft differs a little from other branches, an experience of training of specialists for which, on the basis of branches of foreign HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, we already have big, I pound only from this is not present, make a fool of our brother once again.