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The review on Take away my soul (My Soul to Take, 2010)

As it is sad, friends, but Wes Craven all. You do not hurry to google, the famous American director is living - is healthy, and give him God of long years of life. However, as we know, the creative person lives fully while he continues to create. Alas, judging by the latest works, Craven not only lost the remains of the talent, but also poispisatsya, after a long break having begun to quote himself favourite. Craven`s genius, despite phenomenal success of his Freddie Kruger, always was questionable. After emergence on tape " screens; Take away my soul all these questions are removed, light is extinguished, the curtain is lowered. Also I am afraid that it is not an interval, friends. It is the end of a performance.

In the town of Riverton there is no Vyazov Street. Vampire families do not live in it. Can seem that locals have nothing to boast, however it not so. 16 years ago in Rivertona passions which echoes to these excite consciousness its modest on population stormed. The silent schizophrenic Abele, povinuyas to a terrible voice in the head, got a false idea himself the imperceptible avenger and began to cut to pieces a penknife of the neighbors and family.

Abele managed to do many troubles and even to kill own pregnant wife before gallant policemen shot it. Then it recovered, and it was shot again. When it happened for the third time on the way to hospital, the car turned over, there was a fire, and the psychopath on the quiet disappeared. And, nobody knows, whether he finally died, having drowned in the local small river, whether like Gollum nasty, zanykatsya in cane bushes and still catches careless fish in coastal creeks. What is interesting, fluctuations in air were so large-scale that seven pregnant mademoiselles suddenly were delivered (regardless of term). The belief says that Abele`s soul could move in any of these newborns, but his real face will open to Riverton only 16 years later.

Years past quickly. What grew, grew. The Chinese, the blind Black, the blonde chippy, the Jehovah`s Witness, the lewd yokel, the infantile ninny and his curly-headed friend who is pressed by the angry stepfather. Every year, on the eve of the general birthday, teenagers give (purely on a trick) party of killing of the Rivertonsky Eviscerator, using his homemade doll as the purpose. The Chinese for fidelity still spits to the small river that, by the way, is absolutely ugly and useless because he fell the first victim of a new round of murders.

To you this spittle will respond in eternity - the dreadful murderer dressed in a long dirty raincoat and carrying long rastamansky dreadlocks thought. Bob Marley`s reincarnation became embittered and began to destroy systematically members so-called rivertonsky seven . Against it neither the brute force, nor prayers, nor a youth charm help. And when from a brood there were only two, time to find out which of them - masked So repugnant

and frankly commercial cheap stuff, I, to admit, from the author " came; The Nightmare on Vyazov Street did not expect. Though already on a trailer of the movie it was obvious that the master repeats, copying own finds. After success of the trilogy Shout Craven, like the Rivertonsky Eviscerator, went in hiding and was not shown, except for two thrillers through passage in 2005, nearly ten years. As it became clear, in vain, because the director has nothing to tell more, and he started processing of old ideas in a new way.

We will begin, as usual, with the base, that is the scenario as which author the same Craven acted. Creators of the movie wanted to twirl a plot so that the audience gasped. They also gasped. From a full mess and a heap of cinema stamps. Let`s say that the film villain, being a schizophrenic, does not need motivation. It the patient on all head. Nevertheless, the murderer not only skillfully shirks representatives of a law and order, but also carefully plans the actions, leaving the main character for a dessert . It is ubiquitous like the ninjia, is prompt as if diarrhea and is strong as a bull. Authors explain these superabilities with his obsession. Conveniently, isn`t that so?

The victims behave extremely precipitately. This strange annual pastime behind celebration of the second coming of the Eviscerator. Public sacrifice of the doll maniac only seems to me idiotic occupation for people to whom on a sort is written to meet it face to face? They so struggle with the fears, speak? Then why in day when the prophecy has to come true, they carefree run on the wood or hang around alone any doubtful places? Film conventions have to be present, but they have to be reliable.

To visualization of nightmares Craven had some collapse. Besides, remembering the smart character Freddie who is thought over to trifles, you wonder where the imagination of the author got to. More and more - less effective scenes occur in total darkness, a face of the film villain continuous messing around and akh - sighs is hidden from chambers. At the fan it is more interesting to watch that - and, than at this fuss in darkness.

What there with actors? They were absolutely cut by the budget. Craven could not afford any a little - malsk of a familiar face, except for Frank Grillo whom our viewer could see in series Escape . The others stars of discos look it is gray and is unattractive. Only, who was pleasant to me, so it is elder sister of the main ninny performed by little-known Emily the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here where expression, emotions, strong character. To mention there is nobody more.

I finalize. Extremely unconvincingly and plainly. At some stage there is an impression that Craven shoots not the chilling horror film, but some Indian low budget thriller. Finding time for relationship of heroes and their school squabbles, the author for some reason absolutely forgot that he has to frighten the viewer, but not drive in melancholy green. Considering that on the way the fourth part of a youth slasher Shout on which the director works at present, I with horror wait for this continuation. But, alas, not with that horror which it would be desirable.