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Multi-colored tomatoes - a tsvetoterapiya for an organism. How it is correct to pick up grades?

What tomatoes are darlings at the most part of the population of Russia? Of course, red! generally people got used to see in the markets and in shops such tomatoes, and they is associated at us only with red color. In the people there is even an expression: Red, as tomato!

Among summer residents and gardeners there are such tomatoes in big honor. How not to put in the small greenery such large-fruited novelties from SEDEK as the Bourgeois of F1 , of Zhirdyay of F1 , the Thick kupchishka of F1 , the giving large numbers of fleshy fruits, or high-yielding cherry - tomatoes Children`s pleasure of F1 , Caramel red F1 , Raisin of F1 , forming the whole candy tree up to 2 m high of sweet, fragrant tiny fruits.

But to you it is not necessary to be limited only to the fallen in love red tomatoes when it is possible to grow up easily in own greenhouse tomatoes of absolutely different flowers: from white to black! Despite uniqueness, seeds of such tomatoes are available to all, as well as their agrotechnology.

It is surprising that many consider pink tomatoes unsweetened! Now such grades - one of the most perspective for cultivation. Such novelties as the Gift to the woman of F1 and Happiness of F1 , are already awarded gold medals at the International fair. These grades of the last generation are suitable both for professional, and for amateur cultivation, thanks to high productivity and resistance to many diseases. Besides, they are steady against the cracking peculiar to pink fruits, and have no green spot at a fruit stem. Are also well-known F1 Major and the Boyar of F1 which tall plants yield large fruits with very gentle pulp.

Besides all useful properties of tomatoes - a set of vitamins (With, B1, B2, B6, K and PP), mineral substances (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iodine, fluorine) - pink tomatoes are famous for the high content of selenium which well influences immunity and brain activity, is used by each body. The name of this substance even more often sounds in advertizing of dietary supplements and vitamin complexes. You can feed with pink tomatoes all family without unnecessary costs of the synthesized additives.

Other attractive color of a peel of tomatoes - yellow . People for whom consumption of tomatoes, red sweet pepper, strawberry does not do without emergence of rash or other allergic manifestations can eat them. Therefore the best choice for them are large-fruited and very sweet tomatoes Gold , the Heart of gold . Many will be surprised by a unique grade for an open ground Don Quixote with F1 which plant forms brushes with 5 - 6 fruits kubovidno - a pertsevidny form. The best option for children - it is radiant - yellow cherry - tomatoes the Honey candy of F1 . 12 - 28 fruits on each brush are an excellent harvest konfetozamenitel for your sweet teeth. Also you will like low cherry - a tomato the Pearl yellow and the tall, forming beautiful, accurate brushes, a tomato - confetti Semi-precious stone gold F1 (the weight of fruits - 40 - 50 g).

Orange tomatoes differ in high content a beta - the carotene helping to support with an excellent state warmly - vascular system, sight, hair, nails, teeth, and possessing anticarcinogenic action. You can choose early ripe, steady against diseases, cold-resistant grades Heat - a bird of F1 , of the Zero , suitable for cultivation both in film greenhouses, and in an open ground. They will effectively decorate the greenhouse, having turned it into the Sicilian greenhouse. And if near them to put a unique tomato white sugar with gently - cream, almost white in the color of a peel, any visitor of your greenhouse will be delighted. Especially, this grade will fructify till the fall, giving dense, very lyozhky tomatoes.

The big agiotage inflames around tomatoes with brown and black a peel! All the matter is that, besides unusual appearance, such non-standard grades have also the high level of the most useful substance of a tomato - lycopene. It is one of the strongest antioxidants helping an organism to fight against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and being prevention of cancer and also are famous as the strong aphrodisiac especially useful to men (the nasyshchenny color, the higher in a tomato the maintenance of these components). Do not miss an opportunity to put such grades as F1 Chocolate , Sugar brown , in the greenhouse.

One more big rarity in our market are zelenoplodny grades of tomatoes. For example, bright, juicy Semi-precious stone Jade F1 and Semi-precious stone Emerald F1 give extraordinary beautiful, tall plants forming 13 - 15 leveled fruits on each of 6 - 8 brushes. It is quite easy to grow up them, thanks to resistance to viral diseases and a high zavyazyvayemost of fruits in any weather conditions. Seeing them on a table, not many decide to try such delicacy of the vegetable world. And in vain, they have excellent sweet taste!

Many will be surprised striped the grades combining at once several flowers. The Hazel grouse gives a grade very beautiful large (200 - 300) is red - the orange tomatoes steady against cracking. The grade Semi-precious stone sugar F1 has the tall plant giving on 12 - 15 sweet, the most tasty, small (30 - 60 g) of fruits on each brush. And the most unique it is by the form red - orange fruits are yielded by a grade Semi-precious stone radiant F1 - udlinyonno - oval, with slightly pointed tip, the reminding some grades of sweet pepper.

If you have a kitchen garden or a small site, then know that you were incredibly lucky. In - the first, the kitchen garden is the best opportunity to be healthy and harmonous. On it is skilled - indicative sites of " Agricultural firm; SEDEK more than 40 hectares specialists of the company grow up various cultures in a big variety. Tomatoes occupy the greatest territory of a hothouse complex. Representatives practically all grades get to me on a table, and I am confident that my family eats the qualitative production rich with various vitamins, antioxidants, cellulose and so on.

The second reason for pride that you just will not find such variety of tomatoes in the markets and in supermarkets. And if you find, then at inflated prices.

Experiment with grades of tomatoes, do not stop only on one fallen in love grade, color and taste! You can bring so much benefit and beauty to yourself and the family, and also to considerably diversify the harvest.