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Down: Hasan Guseynov

Who is guilty

of invasion of capital letters?

. Modern European languages already are also not remembered that only after several centuries there were letters which we call lower case. More or less in all languages using the alphabetic letter capital letters had two main functions: the offer or heading begins with them, and in the offer they designate Important Unique Entities. For example, names and names.

There is an example. There are believing people considering God - the creator of the universe, and the speech - Charisma. The one who really thinks that language - God`s creation, is not ready to write this word from a lowercase letter. Rather he will write own name from small. But in an official seal it was possible to write to Soviet period God with capital only at the beginning of the offer. In order to avoid such ideological inconvenience to censors it was imputed a duty to shift such word in the middle of the offer there already with guarantee to write it through lower case.

The argument was such - the bible character (certainly, with lower case wrote also the bible) differs in nothing from any Ancient Greek gods - Zeus, Aphrodite or Apollon. And their time is a lot of, god a name not own, but nominal.

Already by this example it is visible that the official relation to a letter in the USSR was serious - beetle-browed. Rules of spelling, it is necessary to tell, ideologies all - in places resisted. For example, the abbreviation of CPSU was deciphered as Communist party of the Soviet Union . And only when the first, third and fourth members of this phrase were absent, the letter p in the word the party could raise on solemn occasions in a rank, and the word turned in " Party; which needed to be considered Mind, Honour and Conscience of our era . The capital letter in this word could break work of a brain and at the most qualified experts on language. For example, in the verses of the great poet Vladimir Mayakovsky known to several generations of school students, there were lines: Party and Lenin - twins - brothers. We speak - Party, we mean - Lenin. We speak - Lenin, we mean - " Party;. It is special function of a capital letter about which linguists, but which is known in logic as " write a little; Okkam`s razor or ban on creation of excess entities. At first sight - a trifle. And works:

Words at us - to important most -

become a habit, decay as a dress,

I Want to shine to fill anew with

the most majestic word " PARTY;.

However, in the little kumiyena sometimes grows what the hell. Brotherly Parties, for example. Brotherly such as other poet told, with beards and with the gun . But anyway dealt with party, them now a little - you will not dance. And word the most majestic all the same neither to utter most of their members, nor is not able to write without mistake. Why all - complaints to new domination of capital letters are even more often heard only in recent years? And official grants try to reconcile rules and office hierarchy.

For some reason the father or the patriarch at them are written from capital - the Father and the Patriarch, and the archbishop or the metropolitan - with lower case. There is no logic any here: both that, and another - just a position in hierarchy, so, a name not own, but nominal. There was a Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU, there was a CEO. From the Chairman of the board of directors of Concern to the Chairman of the board of Club Krolikovodov - all want that their position was written with capital.

Further, the first and second world wars recommended earlier became in recent years the First and Second. In the middle of 1980 - x years in the authoritative reference book it was recommended to write russko - the Japanese war of 1904 - 1905 and ten years later it became Russko - Japanese. However, wars which large powers waged in others countries for some reason suggest to call just, for example, Korean (1950 - 1953) or Afghan (1979 - 1989): and it about ten years` Soviet campaign which finished our superstate.

There are two ordinary explanations for new violence of a zaglavnost. One - political. Russia supposedly rose from knees, and now all its Attributes and Chiefs have to as in far years of formation of the empire to correspond to the high status. From here, as in old time, Prime Minister, Anthem, well, and other Important Entities. But it concerned not only the Fatherland. Some time ago proofreaders noticed: reference books, they complain, began to demand to write so-called polite You with capital not only in the letter, but also in the usual text where the standard of the literary language was content with lower case earlier.

Perhaps, an explanation for this high water - universal? One witty person explained it so: Pygmies, having met a snake, put to the head some subject like a piece of bark that the snake considered them as more serious opponent. And it seems to chiefs that CEO - with two pieces of bark - more important position, than simply CEO . Let`s continue thought. Perhaps, it is also national - collective Avhan lowered to Afghan from lower case - for offense?

I am afraid, as this incorrect explanation. Neither the ideology, nor psychology play a special role here. Unless in some cases. But inappropriate, or, more definitely, than the capital letters contained by a literary norm became, offhand, too much not to pay attention to them. Here still, we will add, and tracing-papers from English where headings, for example, can be written from header. So the main reason everything is absolutely in another.

We will look around. The Best Flushing Tank of the Plumber of Geberit Installation For the Bidet The Manager is the Trainee Formation of the Specification and Functional Requirements Health Models For Glamourous Ladies and Elite Gentlemen The Elevator Does not work . Stop! Here it - such terrible, but such prosaic thing. Chubais Bill Gates is guilty, as usual. Most of users of its

Just of

Not of


a small, but harmful option - compulsory replacement of a lowercase letter on capital after a point and with each new paragraph. Transformation into the poet Mayakovsky, with his short flight of stairs, millions of simple users became result of this automatic procedure at first over equipment, and then and over a brain of the person, also.