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The defending champion Sebastian Loeb and his Citroen C4 WRC

Though very few people from experts pays attention to it, but merits of the French brand in WRC allow to call rightfully it one of the most successful in the history of world rally. Six titles among producers and seven personal crowns in a row for the last eight years speak for themselves. There is rather popular belief that Citroen became the assignee elder brother on PSA Peugeot concern. Say, exactly engineers lions developed champion cars at first in rally - raids, and then and in classical rally, and double chevron only skims off the cream from already perfected designs. Actually it far not so. Though sports offices of both brands really work in close cooperation and successful power units were used on race cars both in one, and in another to a stable each of collectives built the and very worthy cars. In 1999 victories of front-wheel Citroen Xsara kit - car at stronger all-wheel drive rivals including at Peugeot 206 WRC, convinced the public of the high potential of racing race cars double chevron . It is interesting that Citroen was classified in a world championship since 1971 - go years, but without special success. And here history of top-level performances of present factory team begins in 2003 - m, and at once the first of champion titles. It is unlikely it is possible to overestimate a contribution to impressive baggage of victorious cups for Citroen from Sebastian Loeba. However, it is earned by forces not only Super Sebha . Full coauthors of triumphs are also engineers of the company. Let`s notice that unlike many competitors honor all details and knots of champion race cars are developed in " shops; double chevron . You will not call present Citroen C4 WRC the titan of power. Recommended for 2 - the liter four-cylinder engine of 300 hp are officially exceeded nadopustimy 15 horses . At minimum limited 1230 kilograms of the equipped weight it does not look magnificent. Nevertheless settings of a turbo-supercharging allow to squeeze out of the power unit 568 Nanometers at once that threatens to blow up literally your organism adrenaline at the time of a turbopodkhvat. All-wheel drive transmission which, despite the lack of electronics in differentials, provides the maximum obedience of the car on any types of a covering helps to cope with a similar hurricane. 6 - the step semiautomatic transmission allows to vary transfer numbers in the wide range, but from - for it does not allow to brag of dynamics of dispersal - for each concrete race of second of dispersal to one hundred will be different, and maksimalka at all does not exceed 200 km/h. Other two important trumps of Citroen are the steering and a suspension bracket. The first does a race car nearly by continuation of your hands, with an absolute accuracy transferring picture about forward wheels in turn. The second does not allow a car to lose coupling with the route even on very heavy and uneven roads. At the same time contrary to the racing status of model does it surprisingly comfortably. It is not surprising that the vast majority of experts not unreasonably consider Citroen C4 WRC as the best rally - to penalties in the history. Whether it is worth reminding that the company uses the technical racing practices when designing road cars? Not Sebom uniform the Last season for present C4 WRC showed convincing superiority of the Citroen equipment again. And race cars in Xing - belokrasny tones dominated not only on asphalt where Citroen C4 WRC is actually invincible, but also on the majority of gravel races, over and over again being ahead of very serious rivals from Ford camp. From twelve last stages the leader of a French team Sebastian Loeb won seven and only once in Japan did not get on a podium. To officially issue the already seventh title (the highest achievement in the history of all championship!) Super Seb managed ahead of schedule for two races to the finish of this year. The initiative of the defending champion was supported also a rising star of world rally by Sebastian Ozhye. Acting as a part of youth collective Citroen, in the full debut season in WRC the Frenchman already won " twice; " gold; at stages and before final start heads fight for " silver; all championship. The company to victors was kept also by the workmate Loeba Daniel Sordo and Peter Solberg. The Spaniard brought in a moneybox factory Citroen stables the impressive number of points, having allowed to a double chevron to be inaccessible to rivals in glasses to the finish of a season. And the Norwegian, having replaced the deserved Xsara WRC with more modern C4, once again confirmed that not the title ex-the world champion for nothing carries. The speaker in own private to a stable at some stages Peter very close approached the highest step of a podium, as equals competing with factory crews. Experts note that also the competitive equipment helped to achieve similar result to Solberg. And here ex-to the champion Formula One To Kimi Raikkonen for the present does not get rally experience. Nevertheless the Finn`s Citroen repeatedly appeared in the leading group of pilots, especially on asphalt races. Finishing the career in the World Cup one more sure triumph, the Citroen C4 WRC model passes on baton to the younger successor. In 2011 honor of brand will protect another rally - the carat constructed on the basis of the latest DS3 model. And something prompts to us that present progress double chevron not the last.