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How to raise learning ability and your abilities?

Occur opinion that all children share on capable and incapable to training. So practically all consider, and it is quite explainable because all children really share on capable and incapable to training, and so was always.

to teach all, to the teacher it is necessary to prepare and conduct a so-called raznourovnevy lesson in which to consider abilities of each child. To do it very not simply, and, as a result, such lessons happen rare. They are called opened that is demonstration, also show that so it is possible to work, but only occasionally.

However, an exit is, and it is found long ago. The usual school lesson prepares for average the pupil (the pupil with average abilities ) . Such children in a class about a half. They also work at a lesson.

Those who above an average (such about a quarter), at a lesson have a rest, managing to do the things in passing. Those who below an average (them too about a quarter), at the lesson are absent but too are busy with something. Both those, and others teacher periodically pulls that they did not cease to realize themselves participants of the general process.

Pupils from the last quarter often have problems with progress but if everything is good with behavior and diligence, then them do in time from acquiescence of society. Such situation is considered norm long ago.

Sometimes it happens that the teacher cannot adjust work in a class. The reasons can be two: or the teacher just is not able to make it (there is not enough knowledge and experience), or in a class pupils with " prevail; low abilities (there is nobody to work).

What to do?

Actually the solution is. But it is necessary to make one small assumption. It is necessary to recognize that all children initially (from the birth) are equally capable to training if there is no physiological pathology. Inability to training - not the congenital, and acquired quality which, besides, has property to collect. Better others it are known by teachers.

What is the reason not learning ability which having eliminated it is possible to achieve good results steadily?

The answer to this question is very simple: misunderstood words. It is not the only reason of inability to training, but it - main because, having eliminated only it, we immediately receive excellent results. The child (and the adult too) not just begins to think and acquire new material well. It has an interest and desire to study.

Take any problem which the school student cannot solve. Ask it as he understands words of which the problem condition consists. Help it to clear those from them which he misunderstands or does not understand at all. After that ask it to read a statement of the problem again. What happens further, you want to tell me.

This reason was established and described for the first time by L. Ron Hubbard in the second half of the last century when seriously was engaged in studying of problems of education.

Everyone who mastered technology of training and applies it, does not cease to be surprised to how it works. The boy who threw all school textbooks long ago after several occupations with use of technology of training reads the textbook of physics even on changes. After clearing of several chemical terms the schoolgirl with pleasure declares that she fell in love with chemistry.

Try to ask any school student that means this or that term. For example, mathematics or physical culture . Listen that he will answer you. And then by all means look what writes the explanatory dictionary about it. Just in case. One girl at music school was asked that it solfeggio ? She answered that it is Marya Ivanovna`s office on the second floor. Having heard such answer, Maria Ivanovna, at last, began to listen to employees of Applied formation of the CIS who unsuccessfully tried to inform many days her of importance of clearing of misunderstood words.

It is possible to deny persistently that the technology of training works and to continue to claim that there are children who cannot be trained. I with all responsibility declare: it is the excuse allowing to allow with impunity marriage in education. By means of technology of training it is possible to teach any pupil. And it is much simpler to begin it to do at early age, than in 6 - ohm or 9 - ohm a class to rake those blockages misunderstood words which collected for all his life.

I in conclusion - a review of training of technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard [/URL] one of teachers:

Many thanks for that help and attention which I received on a course. Today I own instruments of training and I use them in the work. It is very pleasant to me to see result of your work with me, in the clear, smiling eyes of children in whom teachers did not believe and children did not believe in themselves. And now I see absolutely other relation to the subject, desire to learn. I regret only that I gained this knowledge late. If I received it at the beginning of the work how many children could be helped. And a schoolgirl when was why it was impossible to learn on this technology. Once again many, many thanks .