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Value of a girasol for zheludochno - an intestinal path.

the Unique chemical composition of a girasol exert beneficial influence on all links and mechanisms of development of diseases of system of digestion that was confirmed by results of a number of the researches independent from each other conducted in different years and in various clinics and institutes.

In - the first, inulin carries out function of extremely active sorbent capable to connect and bring out of an organism a large amount of the toxic and ballast substances getting inside with food or which are formed in intestines in the course of digestion.

In - the second, the same inulin considerably stimulates physical activity zheludochno - an intestinal path (motility and a vermicular movement).

B - the third, inulin and short fructose chains (inulin fragments) possess the expressed zhelchegonny action which amplifies in connection with the simplification of outflow of bile from a liver and a gall bladder in a duodenum caused by improvement of depletion of intestines.

B - the fourth, the organic polyoxyacids which are contained in abundance in structure of a girasol neutralize pathogenic influence of aggressive free radicals and nedookislenny products of an exchange. At the same time in a gleam of intestines the physiological alkaline reaction necessary for normal enzymatic digestion of food is established.

B - the fifth, a girasol provides increase of resistance to a bacterial and viral infection of digestive organs, and also to introduction of various parasites (lyambliya, opistorkhis etc.) . Creates optimum living conditions for normal intestinal microflora (bifidum-and if - bacteria). The obvious positive effect of a girasol at dysbacteriosis is explained by the last.

B - the sixth, is described unique ability of a girasol to considerably increase efficiency of specific antiparasitic treatment (an opistorkhoz, a lyamblioz) and even to cause mass death of parasites without use of pharmaceuticals.

B - the seventh, a girasol, possessing anti-sclerous action and improving properties of a vascular wall and rheological indicators of blood, strengthens blood supply of a mucous membrane of all departments zheludochno - an intestinal path, and also the pancreas developing a large amount of digestive enzymes and hormones. The specified vascular effects considerably stimulate processes of regeneration (restoration) of the fabrics affected with an illness and, therefore, play an important role in medical action of a girasol at such chronic inflammatory diseases as gastritis, duodenit, enteritis, colitis, pancreatitis, etc., and also at stomach ulcer of a stomach and 12 - a perstny gut. So, numerous clinical supervision demonstrate that a pain syndrome, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bitterness in a mouth, an abdominal distension, frustration of a chair (both ponosa, and locks) at treatment by usual pharmacological means in combination with a girasol disappear 5 - 7 days quicker, than at standard treatment without it. Moreover, in many not complicated cases zheludochno - intestinal diseases only inclusion in medical foods of powder of a girasol allows to achieve recovery or permanent remission.

is Extremely important the following: The use of powder of a girasol warns exacerbations of chronic diseases of system of digestion during traditionally critical seasons of year (fall and spring).