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What does Sasha Cherny differ from A. Schwarzenegger in?

Something I wanted to share favourite verses with the favorable reader (and ill-disposed can not worry and very quietly proceed to itself further). Suddenly someone else does not know them? Well just by youth. And who knows, that just like that will be glad - good things pleasantly and to re-read.

There are all - things which please steadily. And in particular, it is verses Sasha Cherny .

we Will be glad together especially as it is a classics of humour.

... Telling about an era of 1908 - 1912 when there came the oppressive depression among the intellectuals, Korney Chukovsky wrote: Against this is that a gloomy era and Sasha Chyorny rose then in the satirikonsky verses. He not only damned it, not only scoffed at it, but it is not enough - Pomala was found by other, more effective method of satire: put on himself a mask hated to it the inhabitant and began to write nearly each poem on behalf of this disgusting " mask;.

Chukovsky was not only the contemporary, but also the good friend of Sasha Cherny (and even the hero of his poem Korney Belinsky ) also compared his mask to a mask of Kozma Prutkov , - to that difference that Kozma Prutkov`s authors created this mask from themselves separately, and Sasha Cherny put on it himself.

At Kozma Prutkov a mask always remains a mask, even in lyrics their ridiculous, parody essence is emphasized. And his mask as if grows to Sasha Cherny, and his satires sound as lyrics.


Roars the sonny. It is beaten for the two with plus. the Wife on ringlets took

the last ruble,

of Spouses killed with a shop and gumboil,

Counts a monthly decrease.

Groan on accounts pathetic kopeks:

Purchase of an umbrella and firewood punched a gap,

A a pink cowl from a bumazeyka

Throws the inclined bald patch into sweat.

Over the most-headed is whistled by a siskin

(Though the God`s birdie did not eat since morning),

On a saucer turns sour a lonely saffron milk cap,

But vodka is drunk to a droplet yesterday.

the Daughter under a bed gives an enema to a cat,

In flow of happiness having semi-opened a mouth,

I a cat, gloomy having indulged in pessimism,

by the Tragic voice with emotion shouts.

the Eyebrowless sister in a bare katsaveyka

Forces the chilled grand piano,

A behind a wall the lodger - the seamstress

Sings the romance: Understand my grief .

How not to understand? In the dining room cockroaches,

of Ostavya stale bread, reflected slightly,

In buffet jingle sympathetically glasses,

I dampness drips tears from a ceiling.


Most of all this plus, a source of eternal cheerfulness and optimism touches. Let life on a dvoyechka, let is even less of that, but some plus will always be found. If to look, it will by all means be found.

And still the sonny is beaten. Did not grow to our optimism. Quite difficult to optimism in such situation ( Obstanovochka ) to make the way through grunting of pathetic kopeks, the chilled grand piano sipenye, cat`s tragic squeal and quiet thoughtfulness of cockroaches which even left bread to think of the events. Optimism quite often should make the way because life for it is quite often not adapted. It is similar

to black humour. Sasha Chyorny has enough black humour (whether from it its pseudonym?) . Though concepts black humour then was not yet, but there was enough most black humour. Perhaps, from - for this of black humour to the poet access to our light reality was for many years closed? In reality of our thirtieth, fortieth and fiftieth years.

A the sonny all roars. He already grew up and even grew old, but continues to roar, looking back at past life in which there were many two and many pluses, and he cannot count in any way what was more: two, pluses or light activity .

( the Paper of the pupil Lyapin Alexander, Ust - Labinsk. 2001 )
It was lyrical

, but happened and is ruthless - to platitude. And ruthlessness is visible at once and strikes with force and density of a syllable:

A lilac bodice and a yellow bow at a bust,

Bezglazy eyes - as two navels.

Others ringlets to temples stuck densely,

I oily overhung sides.

or here:

Having inclined ridge, the gallant conductor

Skilfully rows with both hands, -

will constrain an eye a mad pressure,

suddenly in paduchy izoydt pushes...

The too tight and short conscientious flutist,

Having squinted eyes, spits in a pipe.

Sticking into a violin,

Thin as the worm,

Squeals the violinist, having pressed a lectern to a stomach.

The maiden - an ostrich, having squeezed a violoncello,

Clavicles stuck passionately to a signature stamp

I, infinite bashing out a trill,

Everything an elbow fidgets on a cream bodice.

Behind a harmonium sad mister

Growls, hoots and the pianist suddenly without the visible reasons lets out sighs,


Somewhere up got in turmoil.

Who else so could write? Anybody. Venomously? certainly. But tell, in all honesty, you SEE them? It is described so that it will be remembered not by words, but the picture!

A lyricism at it as, however, often happens - not so is evident, but the Attentive Reader will notice and it is and will be touched:


From all tickets having learned by heart four,

With the crumpled program in a hand, Bearing

in soul of repentance of the weight,

Ya gloomy went with the textbook to the river.

There at the river the blonde - the grammar-school girl

has to listen to my tickets.

Ah, I will fail! Ah, there will be an evil cleaning!

But partly and her fault

Why I have to think of it eternally?

Why it is close to me every instant?

it, at last, brutally!

Of course, me not to damned books.

It it is good: on all - twelve points.

A at me only on to the law five.

Ah, only grammar-school girls without scandals

can combine Love with science!

Came. Towards terrible voice of Liouba:

When Loyola based an award? I in reply to it it is cruel

A in lips,

is cruel suddenly kissed on a mouth.

Not to dare! Impudent person! What was made for science

by Descartes, Bacon, Pascal and Galilei? I in reply to her ridiculous hands


A from fingers to elbows.

Who was released by Pipin Korotky?

Well? You are silent! You do not know an aza?

A I in reply respectfully and humbly

Kissed radiant eyes.

So two hours examination continued.

Ya received the most terrible rating!

But, leaving it, was not kept by

I again kissed her vzasos.

I at examination shivered as in fever,

I pulled out the second ticket! It is rescued! As I cut

! Quietly, accurately, smoothly Ivan Kuzmich was terribly struck with


Run about the stories exulting and presumptuous,

Flew to thank my love with

In soul the delight fragrant burned. whether

I Can abuse examinations?

Brief information:

Sasha Cherny (A. M. Glikberg)

Was born 1 on October (13), 1880 in Odessa in a family of the Jew - the pharmacist. In 1906 - 1907 took a course of lectures at the Heidelberg university. On World War I was a hospital attendant. After October revolution (which Cherny did not accept, despite proposals of Bolsheviks to head the newspaper in Vilno) fall of 1918 went to Baltic (where verses on Lithuania and the cycle Pompey`s Russian which for the first time designated the motive of nostalgia which is distinctly sounding in emigrant works of the poet were created); in 1920 - to Berlin; from the second half of 1923 prior to the beginning of 1924 - in Italy, in L. N. Andreyev`s family (impressions of the Eternal city were reflected in lyrical and comic miniatures From the Roman notebook and Roman etchings ) . From 1924 veins in Paris, cooperated in " newspapers; Latest news Parisian Satyricon etc. periodicals, gave literary soirees, went across France and Belgium, addressing with verses the Russian listeners.

It began to be printed in Zhytomyr in 1904. In 1900 - e years the active employee of progressive satirical magazines Viewer Hammer " Masks; Satyricon etc. Impudent political satire of Cherny Chepukh (1905; Chatters - is softer than a Satan ) brought it popularity. First collection of verses of the poet Different motives (1906), containing literary and political humoresques along with lyrics, it was forbidden by censorship. Collection Satires (1910) with ironical dedication all poor in spirit presented an original satirical mask of the intelligent inhabitant, convicts meanness, emptiness and monotony of vain petty-bourgeois existence of all spheres of social and literary being, combining sarcasm with pessimism notes. In the second collection, Satires and lyrics Cherny`s inclination to " was shown; pure to lyrics, thin landscape and psychological sketches.

Cherny in La Favier, near the town the Lavender (France) died on August 5, 1932.

( 2007 The Electronic Literary Database)

Adult Sasha Chyorny touchingly loved other people`s children, eternally pottered with them. It with sad generosity gave them all that was given short to him. It once had several fine lyrical verses, and he wanted to return to them. And the road to this part of soul was one - through the country of children. Kuprin - one of the few close friends of Sasha Chyorny with whom they fished yes drank vodka on Children`s island where was Russian village wrote the obituary to the friend who died from heart attack in several hours after he helped neighbors to save from the burning house of children:

Silent national grief. And the red little girl of years of eleven who learned to read according to its alphabet with pictures, asked me on the street towards evening:

- Tell, it the truth is said that my Sasha Chyorny is absent any more any more?

( From Yevgeny Yevtushenko`s anthology Ten centuries of the Russian poetry )

have some verses - though there is a wish much. One of the most classical things which loved and was known by heart by Paustovsky - the poem Love not " potato; . Of course, here not to provide the poem, but to advise to read - with pleasure.

Well and the last of the most beloved:

The All-Russian grief

So - begins

(All good friend with despair I devote) morning.

Others as the river Brahmaputra,

B twelve flies the acquaintance.

You houses? Unfortunately, I houses.

In a pocket having sent it a fig,

I Throw the German book

I I listen, it is sluggish and severe,

the Set of words unnecessary me.

Yesterday it stuck out at a concert -

to It could not wait to be Brought down to death

on nerves my

Cheap feelings.

Brought down! Ah, in two p.m.

my Brains were as jellies...

But, a door locking behind it

I thirst of work we weary,

I Heard a new call:

Came the first-year student - a puppy.

Unfortunate fell in love with someone...

With a crimson face of the idiot

Shouted it about to it about the goddess, I her fat goose

In soul called

A ruthlessly...

did not listen! With a smile of gregarious

Nodded warmly

I mumbled: Of course, of course .

He went to four... In four!

As a tiger I walked on the apartment,

B five recovered and, having wiped sweat,

sat down At interrupted the translation.

Is ringing... With good nature of the witch

I Meet the poet in forward

the fellow the birthday man

I Today asks to lend a fifty-kopeck piece.

With delight! But it... remains!

To the dining room languidly trudges,

Took from - for bosoms a pile

I with rattle, both a vulture, and a scratch

Reads, reads, reads... the demon me in heart pushes


Strike it with a lamp in an ear!

Thrust a poker to it in a belly!

Apartment? Whether school of dancing? Tavern? Prilezl`s

speckled maiden:

Is unintentional Month in the village

Read and came to share ...

Why she did not marry?

, Why (under shovels to it dyshlo!)

To me going, at first

It was not hit by the tram?

Is ringing... Sharomyzhnik is vagrant,

the Casual acquaintance on giving,

Undressed, sat down by a piano

I thrashes. Isn`t that so, strange?

Some people called.

Some people entered.

Being afraid that I will plop somebody,

Ya ran quietly on kitchen

I cried behind a vyyushka of dirty

Over life of the ugly.


P. S. Yes, I forgot to explain, than A. M. Glikberg differs from A. Schwarzenegger . Yes just I wanted to drag in in Schwarzenegger`s title for greater floridity. A pun - page. I do not doubt that at certain pedants (see a note about pedants) the keyboard strictly to me was already combed to point to it. What can I answer? Especially that who after everything read - so also did not understand it?

I Hope that such is not present, and verses will bring you pleasure and will generate desire not to carp at trifles - to esteem Sasha Cherny more and more.