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Whether will rescue a metronome of gluttons?

Some tiny pishchalka with a bulb, just imagine: system of change of a way of life is. And still - the instructor. What it this little mentor can change in life? In principle, it has to slow down eating and stop a gluttony.

The name of the Powerseed device consists of two words. And if with seed everything is clear - in a form the device reminds a seed, Power it will be more pertinent to translate as power . Somewhat, Powerseed also has it over the owner.

Rear part trip decorate hieroglyphs, but is not present, Powerseed came not from Asia. It is a fruit of efforts of the American inventor William Carry, expert in the field of healthy nutrition from New - Hampshire.

Mr. Carry himself once ate incorrectly so Powerseed - result of its personal fight against for the health.

Speak, he devoted to the child 7 years of researches, took out two American patents, in January, 2005 - go Powerseed presented and from this point sells. Successfully, it seems.

The device practices psychological approach to change of a way of life and management of weight . Still quote: The Powerseed System helps people is more slowly, to savor food, to avoid careless perekuson and that is the most important, to stop eating when they do not want to eat " any more;.

Food - not the enemy, - the inventor reminds. - It is one of our requirements and pleasures of life when do not abuse food. Our system encourages love to food and promotes that the person ate so much how many it is necessary for disposal of physiological hunger .

The sizes at a bagatelle same, as at a charm. Therefore it at desire can be dragged with itself in a pocket everywhere. And the owner who decided to eat should establish Powerseed on a table and to include it.

Each 30 seconds on the case of the device the green light-emitting diode will light up (or to be distributed a soft sound signal). It means that at present it is necessary to take a sting or a sip, in other words, to send something to a mouth.

Half-minute - in principle, just that interval at which the eater slowly savors food thoughtfully controls process of acceptance of food, strengthens effect of saturation and improves assimilation.

On green light the Powerseed functions are not exhausted - each 5 minutes it will highlight other, double signal - a reminder, the saturation level suggesting to the eater to estimate. The curry considers that in 15 minutes it is quite possible to gorge on properly.

Here so everything is ridiculously simple. Food metronome the timer with a light-emitting diode - for $50. Expensively, no doubt.

Also there is, of course, a question of efficiency of the device: obesity and excess weight, however, today - the most serious problems. Whether this Powerseed is capable to help really somebody?

Here as the device new, is few information. More precisely, it - that is, but is the data collected by the company - producer - in March of this year she conducted on-line survey of owners.

The firm sent to 365 clients of the letter to share impressions with a request. 40% responded to an appeal, and from their words leaves that 85% expressed deep satisfaction a product, and 84% recognized that the Powerseed system is better, than other control methods over the weight which they tried.

On the device website responses entirely positive, and as. Typical, perhaps, such:

Now I eat after a sound or light signal and slowed down meal so that I am not in trouble with the stomach any more. When I hear a double sound signal, I wait for several minutes to understand whether I want is still, and in 9 of 10 cases I feel full. It changed my life .

And all - is in this device something like that. Animal, perhaps. As well as in the gluttony.