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What is exhibitionism?

Actually, exhibitionism are a receiving sexual satisfaction by demonstration of own naked genitals to surrounding strangers. It is most often observed at men. As a rule, most of exhibitionists - the impotent men not capable to other types of heterosexual activity.

Are afraid of such people. And in vain. They are harmless, they will hardly attack the one who involuntarily became their viewer. And if they also have a desire to touch a hem of a short skirt and a knee of the victims it is rather an element of fetishism, a reason for a sexual discharge. And are afraid of exhibitionists from - for stereotypes.

We mean that the person undresses usually before comes into sexual contact and therefore naked genitals unfamiliar and, maybe, a little unpleasant person are perceived as danger ( suddenly will attack! and suddenly madman? ) . And to it - that only is also necessary that on it looked that someone was nearby, some to liking a fright of looking.

Psychologists - specialists in the sexual relations say that desire to bare the sekretka in public arises at people with sexual complexes, a sexual nevrotizm. They can be afraid of proximity with the woman, a female body, also they can be the victims of too strong-willed mother or the grandmother in the childhood.

Adherents of the eksgibitsionistsky movement insist that they are not sexual perverts. Their main pathos consists in destruction of borders and decencies. There are such revolutionaries who created even own dictionary with professional terminology.

For example, the concept Godiving is an exotic " form; exhibitionism for when there is an exposure without witnesses. Someone likes to walk stark naked in the park, to remain at office at night and bared to knock on the keyboard, to sunbathe on a roof 27 - the floor building. They have no purpose to draw someone`s attention, they are excited by only one understanding that someone theoretically nevertheless can see them.

Fraisa - too exhibitionism without public eyes, but here is necessary presence of the loyal friend or girlfriend which, as a rule, film an undressing of the main character with the camera and insure against emergence of undesirable podglyadyvatel.

Flashing is a sudden demonstration of genitals in the public place. To draw attention to itself, to open - to begin to smell a plashchik, to lift up a skirt in the face of the amazed public, and then to jump in the car or to disappear round the corner. Who saw, that was surprised, who understood nothing - all life will suffer whether he saw something or only it seemed to it. To run, in sense to run away, actually it is not obligatory because hardly anyone - that will pursue for impudent person but feeling that you run away, tried say, gets not less, than the act of demonstration.

The dictionary of exhibitionism is big and various, there are also group actions and excrements in public, and also the sea of other subtleties of human pleasure. There are, for example, also such persons who is not capable to show personally the advantages and it is only ready to make it by means of the Internet - hangs out the nu on the www pages and has satisfaction because that someone will see it.

There are also fans to take a fun in certain places - tram boor for example

And on the subject of how it is treated, doctors say that not so - it and is difficult. Several sessions of psychotherapy - more than any desire to parade itself.