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As the knowledge of English saves money or How to pay back investments in education?

We got used that training is expenditure. We not always notice how correctly invested money into own (correct, qualitative) education brings us real benefit. Occurs so more often that we only repeat words about that famous for all. That the doctrine - light and that the knowledge is force and as soon as in the usual speech the speech about training - especially when both school, and higher education institution already behind - we seldom seek to allocate time for own education comes. In any case, the subject of leisure usually occupies us much more.

Today I want to acquaint you with the story told one of our students. It will be a question both of money, and of training, and of rest - of everything at once. And you, dear reader, derive pleasure, think and draw own conclusions. History is given practically without corrections.

A story about how English on the Spanish Tenerife was useful to me.

When I came to sign up for the courses ESL in the summer 2010, some businessman sat at the next table and told the story of studying of English with immersion in Los - Andzheles. Actually there he for few weeks managed to master several elements on abusive Spanish. It happened so that an environment communicated on it.

When I finished the 4th level of training at an English course, went to have a rest to Tenerife. And there at me happened history on the contrary . Having received the Spanish visa, day for two I learned the Spanish numerals, to a zdrastya - good-bye and having moved FotoTranslate icon on the Nokia from a jungle of the program list of phone on the main screen, went with a family to Tenerife - to pinch canaries and to enjoy Spanish cuisine.

Here it is necessary to tell the following: Canary Islands are to you not Spain. Especially in tourist part. Playa de America! (The American beaches - the lane from Spanish.) In total in English. In any point - fluently in English, including sellers in the Mercado supermarket. Only inscriptions on products in Spanish. But knowing this ambush, I also took with myself the electronic translator since in the previous trip bought vinegar instead of sunflower oil.

By the way, the main language ambush traps you in those places where you face food. So at trips abroad I advise to study the dictionary on this subject. Dictionaries, of course, not bad help. But only where it is not necessary to hurry.

Well and actually about advantage of language.

Sketch the first. Itself witnessed how the Russian lady swore on reception (in a reception) hotel concerning cleaning in number, and her children actively did not understand . We had no problems with personnel at all. Waiters quickly mastered our " set; as usual 1 , and my four-year-old son always received a small present from them when he gave them tips 2 . Therefore for couple of days earned the nickname Big Boss.

Sketch the second: when went to Akvalend, nearby, - to take for a drive the son on hills. Or rather, the purpose was - to overcome at it fear of water. At an entrance the ticket collector told: There is no dolphin show today. Is it important for you? 3 the Benefit successfully passable fourth ESL level allowed to understand it and to issue the answer from the same language designs: It is very important for my son! 4 On what received the instant answer: OK. Child free of charge 5 that saved to the family budget 16 euros. And also I received silent respect from the wife - like not for nothing killed time for a kursokhozhdeniye.

Sketch the third. As to Tenerife the prices of electronics which can be carried in a pocket (video cameras, cameras, hours, game consoles) ridiculous, a sin was to pass by a similar stall.

Actually, hours of Casio were a subject of trade, the bargaining began with 80 euros, and approximately in two minutes in broken Russian we came to the price in 45 euros. Then seller ceased to understand Tolstoy and Pushkin`s language. I remember how our teacher told literatures to us: In America do not know who such PUSHKIN! . In 12 years to me it was not trusted in it, but in forty it was convinced: yes, this is true. Though we know their John Read, Mark Twain and Stephen King. (Where justice!)

To 10 euros we went down five more minutes, but already in English. And here to pretend I do not understand at the Indian it did not turn out any more. It is clear, that all Japan now becomes in China. But the purpose was - acquisition of a waterproof chronometer for which it is not a pity.

There were some more cases when the understanding of English and knowledge of some turns of speech saved time and money. By my estimates to Tenerife the family budget managed to keep about 300 euros (though not absolutely we will apply this term to the action called Holiday ) .

Of course, as a result we all - came back home with empty purses and the devastated cash cards, but in excellent mood. It is possible to note that in this trip I practically paid back the cost of one level of training in ESL.

What is called, - neither to add, nor to lower. History speaks for itself. And if you want to know English also well if you were interested in our course of English - welcome to our free fact-finding lesson. Acquire English, travel all over the world and save, deriving at the same time double pleasure!

1 as usual - usual, daily

2 tips - tip

of 3 There is no dolphin show today. Is it important for you? - There is no show with dolphins today. It is important for you?

4 It is very important for my son! - It is very important for my son!

5 OK. Child free of charge. - Well, the child goes without payment.