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Who such Chet Atkins? Mr. Guitar.

Every time when you are going to tell about life and creativity, any famous musician, always you experience easy nervousness. The nervousness connected with the fact that so far you prepare material as if itself you live his life from beginning to end. The musician about whom the speech will go today is well-known that who likes style music - a country and the jazz.

Mr. Guitar! The legendary musician and the composer on whose works manuals for the beginning guitarists, one of founders of a modern country, Chet Etkins are written (Chet Atkins " became the carrier of such nickname; real name (Chester Barton Etkins). Every time when listening records with its participation the impression that this person was born with a guitar in hands and that playing a guitar is as natural to it, as for a bird - flight is made.

Little Chet began the music education not with a guitar, and with a violin. However in 9 years he understood that its future is put in other tool - in a guitar. His elder brother who, became the quite famous musician subsequently was one of the first mentors of future guitarist. By the time of leaving school, in 1941, Chet was already the developed guitarist. Using the contacts in the world of music, he almost at once got a job the musician on radio and the State of Tennessee acted on `Bill Carlisle Show` in the city of Noksvil. Along with it he became the participant of Dixie Swingers group.

In three years he moves to the town of Cincinnati and gets a job the musician and the arranger on local radio. But in life of the young musician not always everything developed easily. The way to top was thorny, and an example of that are continuous dismissals of Etkins from radio stations. For the following several years it changed several places of work from - for rejections of its music the management of stations. Alas - what is today a canon of guitar music once was vanguard and encountered furious resistance.

However the fate, nevertheless was mercy to young talent, and as a result of his long wanderings over the country, the film with its records fell into hands of Steve Sholbs who at that time directed the Chicago office of the famous record company “ RCA “ in the city of Neshvil. Steve Sholbs immediately called Etkins and offered him cooperation. Soon at " studio; RCA “ Chet wrote down eight compositions, and also became the constant employee of the company. In 1965 one of its solo compositions got to the five of the best songs of year. It should be noted that outside there were times fate - N - a beater, and Chet played a country and the jazz...

In 50 - 60 - e years he became one of the most popular sessional performers in the history of Nashville. He took part in records in one hundred albums, including successful hits with Hank Williams (“ Jambalaya “ “ Settin’ The Woods On Fire “ and “ Your Cheatin’ Heart “), Everly Brothers duet (“ Bye Bye Love “ “ Wake Up Little Susie “ and “ All I Have To Do Is Dream “) and, of course, Elvis Presley (“ Heartbreak Hotel “) .

Since 1982, Chet wrote down one plate for another. In its style the inclination to the jazz was more and more shown, however also notes of its company country of style did not disappear. In parallel with work several manuals and videotapes on which methods of its game were in details described were published Columbia Records. Thanks to these works, thousands of guitarists could increase the professional level of game worldwide and expand the range of the opportunities.

The list of the famous performers with whom played Etkins is so big that it is simply impossible to list it. Its manner of game exerted strong impact on many of stars from Jim Reeves and Eddie Kokren to Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Mark Knopfler. Chet Etkins sold more than 75 million copies of plates for the career and wrote down over 100 solo albums. The musician won 14 awards Grammy and 9 awards CMA “ Musician Of The Year “. And in 1973 Chet became the youngest performer whose name was included in the Hall of glory of a country - music.

Chet Etkins died on June 30 at the age of 77 years. Having up to the end passed the career, he left behind rich musical material. Listen to this great original guitarist, and you will understand everything!